How to dry shoes in a dryer without noise or damage


After washing a couple of pairs of tennis shoes recently, I discovered that getting them dry wasn’t as easy as just tossing them in the clothes dryer. Not only did they make a terrible racket as they bounced around inside the rotating drum, they also kept turning off the dryer by hitting the inside of the dryer door.

A little searching online revealed a very simple technique for drying shoes – without noise and without damaging the shoes or the dryer.

  1. Tie the shoestrings of a pair of shoes together into a loose knot.
  2. Close the dryer door with the shoes hanging on the inside and the knot on the outside.
  3. Run dryer on low heat until shoes are dry.

Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Author: Brian

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38 thoughts on “How to dry shoes in a dryer without noise or damage”

  1. Well, there’s always the Arizona approach:

    Wash. Set shoes outside for 2 minutes. Put them back on.

    It’s a dry heat, folks!

  2. I just had one of those “Why didn’t I think of that” moments :-)

    Wroks great, though I’d imagine living in Arizona makes things a whole lot less expensive on your electricity bill

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. not sure if “hanging them” like that will work correctly… have not tried it, so im definately not knocking it, but nothing has worked as good as a comforter, or a couple of blankets with a towel or 2 in there, thats just my swag tho. good post!

  4. Perfect. I did this on low heat for 20-30 minutes and my shoes were completely dry. Thank you so much for the tip! :D

  5. Just put the shoes in, and i have to say. NO NOISE! It sounds more quiet then a full load of clothes! lol Thank you! now i can wash my shoes without having to wait a week to dry!

  6. omg. this is the best thing ever! i never would have thought of this haha. i just got done with a mud run and my shoes were soaked after i washed them off. when i lived at home we had some stupid tray thing that say in the dryer, but it was weird to use. thanks a lot! ^^

  7. That has got to be the greatest idea ever! Tried it and it worked great! No noise and no other issues! Thank you :)

  8. Now granted, I have a very old dryer that my husband keeps repairing (now approx. 33 years old!!), but doesn’t the weight of the shoes, plus the thickness of the shoe laces pull against the door, not letting it close correctly?

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this info! I have to dry my son’s football cleats for a game tomorrow and I had no idea how I was going to do that… And to beat it all, I washed them last night and laid them out in the driveway today to dry in the hot Louisiana sun, and before I got home from work it rained… This solution is brilliant! I am listening to the sound of shoes not banging around in my dryer and it is heavenly!!!

  10. If you hang them on the door, won’t they get ripped down by the protruding thing in the dryer that tosses the clothes around?

  11. I put newspaper in them, then decided to look on the internet. I knew you could dry them in the dryer but the noise is crazy. My husband needs his softball shoes for Saturday so this is this best solution. Thank you.

    1. You’ve probably already figured something out by now, but you might try putting them in one of those draw-string mesh laundry bags that are meant for delicates like bras, then hanging the bag from the door by the draw string.

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