Human touch

She didn’t even know I was holding her hand. Her eyes were heavy from exhaustion and dehydration, but even if they had been open, she wouldn’t have known this stranger standing over her bed.

The nurses, overworked and underpaid, have to rely on the kindness of visitors to complete their many tasks. After placing the IV, one asked for my help until she could return. My job was to keep this Alzheimer’s patient from removing the tube and hurting herself.

Her hand was thin and twisted, but warm. Standing there, I considered how we humans are all so interwoven and dependent on one another.

One day I might be the one lying in a bed, completely unaware that I’m holding hands with a stranger. Life has a strange and beautiful way of bringing things full circle.

Author: Brian

Blogger. Bookworm. Michael Jackson fanatic. Lives in Kentucky with partner of 12 years and three fabulous felines.

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