Hunting isn’t my game

As I left work the other day, I was horrified to see a deer carcass hanging from the fork of a lift truck as two of my coworkers dressed it. What would probably be a rather insignificant sight for some people, struck me as rather brutal and shocking.

I am not a vegetarian. I eat meat and thoroughly enjoy it. I would like to become a vegetarian at some point, but lack the willpower and ambition to learn how to replace the protein in my diet.

I have never been interested in hunting, probably due to the fact that my father had no more than a passing fancy for it, himself. I prefer to “hunt” in the grocery store, where cellophane-packaged meat bears absolutely no resemblance to the animal that gave it’s life for my benefit.

Hypocritical? Sure, but I think this is the case for most Americans. If we had to track down and kill the animals we routinely eat, most of us would just do without. I know I’d be eating alot more veggies, because I would only hunt out of necessity, not sport.

Come to think of it, hunting really doesn’t qualify as a sport. Most sports have two teams on equal footing who compete against one another for whatever reason. A deer or a duck doesn’t stand a chance against the thousands of dollars spent on camouflaged clothing, firearms, ammunition, bows and arrows, deer scent, ATV’s, salt blocks, duck blinds, decoys, etc.

The cost of acquiring one pound of meat must be astronomical, and then hundreds more are spent preserving the trophy animal so that it’s “beauty” can be appreciated on the wall of your home or office. I’m sure that’s not the point for most hunters, who are doing it more out of enjoyment than anything.

I guess that’s the thing that bothers me most about hunting… the rush that some hunters seem to get from taking another life. Alot of the hunters that I know have absolutely no respect for life, which is evident in their laughter-filled recounts of killing kittens and puppies.

A friend told me that other day that hunters love animals more than most other people, and that he could prove it. I laughed it off, realizing that he was referring to conservation and the thinning out of the animals to prevent overcrowding and disease. Using that same line of reasoning, wouldn’t you thin out humans to eradicate the same problems?

Once again, man has upset the natural balance of nature. We have destroyed the natural predators of these lovely animals, and have become their predators by default.

Author: Brian

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1 thought on “Hunting isn’t my game”

  1. I would certainly live on cheese and nuts for my protein rather than track down and kill an animal. I have no problem with people having tracked down and killed animals to survive in days gone by, but I agree wholeheartedly with you that the idea of hunting live animals as a sport nowadays is an exceedingly cruel misnomer.

    By the way, yesterday my youngest son said “If we are having a pancake feast today, aren’t we meant to give up something tomorrow?” I hadn’t even thought to compare notes on that topic until he announced proudly “I am giving up chocolate! What about you, Mummy?” so, I have given up meat for Lent. I don’t eat much meat anyway, but it does mean I have to make a conscious decision every time I prepare a meal for the family (including almost carnivorous husband!) Back to my brie and almonds … 8-)

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