I am so mad at myself

I bought an LG Dare on eBay in December because I was still under contract with Verizon Wireless and they wanted full retail price for the phone ($499). I saved quite a bit of money going that route, but still spent what most people would consider to be an obscene amount of money on a cell phone.

Fast forward to today… I decided to use compressed air to blow dust out of the ear piece and instead blew out the speaker. I didn’t realize my mistake until this afternoon when I received a call and could barely hear the caller. The speaker is damaged to the point that it is virtually unusable. I am sick with disappointment.

Since I didn’t purchase the phone from Verizon and therefore don’t have insurance on it, I have three options. I can send it somewhere to be repaired for God-only-knows how much money, I can take it to the Verizon store and see if they will repair it without checking to see if I actually bought it from them, or I can activate my old phone and throw this one in a drawer (while smacking myself for being a dumb ass).

I loathe myself sometimes.

Author: Brian

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9 thoughts on “I am so mad at myself”

  1. @ Karen: I’ve often thought how wonderful it would be to have an “undo” button in life like we do on most computer programs.

    @ ashley: Not for another whole year. I’m going to the Verizon store tonight to see what they are willing to do. Wish me luck!

  2. Okay… Verizon is officially the best cell phone company EVER. I took the phone in and explained that the speaker wasn’t working and that I didn’t have insurance on the phone. The CSR listened to the call quality before immediately going back to the stock room and getting me a replacement. I was (and am) ecstatic!!

  3. Impressive response from Verizon! Guess you really do get a whole network with them. Sounds like it may be time to divorce AT&T for me.

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