I blame ‘Wild Hogs’


Several of the guys where I work have purchased motorcycles recently under the guise of saving money on gasoline during the recent price increase. While some of them seem to have genuine interest in fuel conservation, I credit most of the purchases with the turmoils of a raging midlife crisis.

My reasons for believing this are the way that they posture themselves after the purchase. Hats are replaced with bandannas, coats are replaced with leather or jean jackets with fringe and patches, work shoes are discarded for leather boots, and the camaraderie between bikers becomes very pronounced.

I’ve never been a fan of motorcycles, mainly because of the increased dangers of operating them. There is simply no way that a helmet can save your life during a collision with an automobile. I have a friend that was one of the most cautious bike riders that I’ve ever met, but he was killed when an elderly person pulled out in front of him.

I fully understand the joys of having the open air on your face, the sun on your back, and feeling the rush that comes from bike riding. What I don’t understand is the need to fit into some predefined stereotype that they’ve seen portrayed in the movies.

Speaking of movies, I wonder how much of this surge in motorcycle sales can be attributed to the biker movie Wild Hogs? One coworker claims that the sales of bikes has skyrocketed this year. Surely many of those buyers watched the aforementioned movie and related to the needs of the main characters – getting a bike, riding across country to find themselves, and experiencing renewed life in the process.

That’s all fine and dandy, but how about leaving the darned bandanna at home?

Author: Brian

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3 thoughts on “I blame ‘Wild Hogs’”

  1. As a future nurse, I can only shake my head at motorcycles. Although I have ridden (with a helmet!) and it is kind of fun. But I, too, (as does probably everyone else in the United States) have a friend who was seriously injured not once but twice. After two traumatic brain injuries and a permanent limp due to his femur going through his knee cap, he still dreams of riding. Is it a drug?

  2. It is a drug. The ride bathes the rider in a swirling concoction of biochemical goodness.

    I bought a used motorcycle a couple of weeks ago and I plan to ride it around the country this summer but it has nothing to do with any movie. It is a drug.

  3. Well, I want a motorcycle and it has nothing to do with the movie(which I haven’t seen) or because it’s a “drug”. I like the sense of “freedom” of the open air. :) It’s fun!!!

    When I was a small child my dad use to borrow my uncle’s motorcycle and taking turns, he would give us each a ride through our small community. We loved it. My dad always wanted one, but felt like owning one would put his want before our needs. A few years ago, he finally purchased one. I am afraid that something could happen to him, but only because there are so many careless drivers out there who do not take the time to look or seem to think motorcycles can stop on a dime.
    BUT I am happy for my dad!!!

    My dad is not the kind to follow any fad or want something because everyone else has it. Some of the clothing they wear is for protection but also because it “works” better for what they need. Think about it. They have the wind hitting them and all the bugs!

    I know a couple of people who have died or been injuried from motorcycle wreaks but the number is less then poeple I know who have died or been injuried in automobile accidents.

    The reason there have been so many people in our community purchase them is because there is nothing else to do. Alot form clubs and plan traveling trips together. Most of these clubs practice safe riding techniques, did u know that there are certain formations that make it safer for them to ride?

    I think, that with all things, you will have some people who have one just for the desire to be part of a crowd but don’t loop them all together in the same category.
    Also, the group of men at your work seem to have a category all on their own!!! (LOL)

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