I love Tammy Faye

This will be my last post dealing with Jerry Falwell… I promise hope. I just had to share one more little tidbit of information.

Tammy Faye called in on Larry King Live to share her feelings about his passing. This is the man who undermined and overtook her ministry, who accused her husband of homosexual advances at a televised press conference, and who refused her many attempts at reconciliation.

Instead of being spiteful or vindictive, Tammy showed the true spirit of Christianity by weeping as she talked about how she regretted that they had never made things right between them. She said she had just wanted to put her arms around him and tell him that we’re all human, that we all make mistakes, and that she forgave him.

I can’t even express how this lady makes me feel when I listen to her. I know she has been such a joke to so many people that most could never take her seriously, but she moves my soul. I wept as I listened to her sentiments, realizing that they were coming from someone who might not be around for much longer. Someone I’ve never met, but will miss terribly.

I imagine that Tammy’s loving words have won more hearts and minds than Falwell’s rhetoric ever did.

Author: Brian

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4 thoughts on “I love Tammy Faye”

  1. Brian,
    I have met Tammy and worked with her on a project, and seen her around since she lives in my area – and she is a wonderful, sweet, personable woman who genuinely loves everyone. You would love her – in person she is even more fantastic than you can imagine!

  2. Heather,

    I so jealous! I wish I could meet her, but after her last letter to her fans, I’m sure she won’t be making any more appearances.

    I have been praying for her and I’m still hoping for a miracle.

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