Interesting search terms #1

WordPress gives us loads of interesting statistics about our traffic, and one of my favorite features is the list of keywords that people enter into search engines to find my site. Some of them leave me shaking my head and wondering how on earth they brought the person here.

I’ve been keeping a running list for the last several days with some of the most intriguing strings and thought I’d share them and add a little commentary. Enjoy!

100 ways on cursing people out in german

Someone must have been having a very bad day at work.

Womens mouths taped shut

Either a man with a kinky imagination or a woman with a chatty co-worker.

fish oil on your butt

I don’t even want to know.

how to tell if a guy is gay

Maybe a guy with a really cute co-worker?

annie lennox removed her bra

Hmmm… I’d pay to see that. Surely someone had a cellphone camera!

puppy not allowed in school

Doggone the bad luck. Pun intended.

eat junkfood to get a butt

What’s with all the butt stuff? This does work, though.

too old for bon jovi purse?

If you have to ask, then you already have your answer.

Author: Brian

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11 thoughts on “Interesting search terms #1”

  1. You definitely have some out there terms. #4 frightens me.

    The last one is so funny, considering that we observed grannies, right in there with the 20 somethings at the show we went to. I’ll never forget Jaime’s husband saying, about the older lady beside him, “osteoperosis over here is shoving me”.

    The person (hopefully a woman) who searched this would definitely be too old if they said, “bon jovi pocketbook”. That’s what my grandma calls purses.

    In a few years I guess women will be throwing their depends rather than their panties on the stage.

  2. Hilarious! The post and Alyson’s comments. I’m so old I have to ask what in the world is a Bon Jovi purse? Did they design one? Is there a purse made out of actual members of Bon Jovi? I don’t think I’d carry one, even if I knew the answer.

  3. You and Fighting Windmills get some interesting search terms. I think my oddest search term was “I don’t work anymore”.

  4. I use the term “pocketbook” because “purse” is what my grandmothers called them. Sometimes I call it a purse, but not often. Come to think of it, most people I know use the term “pocketbook.” Is it a regional thing perhaps, like dungarees and sneakers? But I really do want to know what a Bon Jovi purse is. Is it one of those tote bags made from old album covers?

  5. @ Accountable: Really? The more I blog, the crazier they seem to get.

    @ Wendy: My mom always called them a “purse”. It could be regional. I love the word “sneakers”, but always call them “tennis shoes”, even though I’ve never played tennis in my life.

  6. I don’t know what they are either. They haven’t designed one, to my knowledge anyways, but I have seen some on ebay made of magazine covers.

    Brian, I’ll look for you a Bon Jovi “murse”.

  7. When I get it, I instruct you to fill it with lead, or canned goods, or something heavy, and take out all the grannies that try to shove us at the next show.

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