Interesting search terms #2

More fascinating search terms from my blog stats for your reading enjoyment:

wooden spoons hurt

I’ll just take your word for it.

i feel stuck inside myself

That’s gotta hurt.

sex sounds – calling out “oh Brian”

I can totally understand that.

indian coming out stories

Just change your name to something like “Rainbow Spirit” or “Flamingo Feather” and there will be no need to explain anything.

my father is attracted to my sister

I just puked a little in my mouth.

straight but like penis

Then… you probably aren’t straight, buddy.

fighting toast pics

In the left corner we have Slightly Burnt, who will be challenging our reigning champion, Buttered Bottom.

homosexual can’t marry a woman

I know a few who could… and did.

daddys lil whore pictures

Yuck. How in the world did that bring them here?

how to tell someone your pregnant

Wearing a maternity dress on your next date will probably do the trick.

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9 thoughts on “Interesting search terms #2”

  1. LOL at the search terms and your comments. If I tried #3 though, I’m sure we would never be able to see each other again.

    BTW, “daddy’s little whore” probably came from the post about Twinkie being in heat.

  2. @ Alyson: I totally forgot about calling her that. I can’t do it anymore, since we had her insides scooped out.

    @ MBMQ: You make me laugh all the time, so I’m glad I could return the favor.

    @FreeFromItAll: Thank you!

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