Interesting search terms #3

God and Google are the only ones who know why some of these search strings resulted in traffic to my site, but here they are for your viewing pleasure…

flamingo toilet paper stand

Do flamingos even use toilet paper?

hermaphrodites allowed to marry themselves

Marrying one’s self could result in a really messy (and bloody) divorce on down the road.

we had grill out with friends gay friend

Well, wasn’t that wide of you?

Is Holding Your Breath Bad for You?

That depends on how long you’re holding it, my dear.

homophobia is gay

I agree. Totally.

hairy camels in Oregon City, Oregon

I have no witty response for this one, but I thought it was cool.

Vacuum cleaners used as male sex toys


why are sailors gay

Must be something in the water.

jack nicholson don’t waste a hardon

So I’ve heard.

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