La fin

I am retiring from blogging for the foreseeable future. My heart just isn’t in it anymore.

By George Michael

Is that enough?
I think it’s over
See, everything has changed
And all this hatred may just make me strong enough
To walk away

They may chase me to the ends of the earth
But I’ve got you, babe
And they may strip me of the things that I’ve worked for
But I’ve had my say, babe

So hear me now
I’ve enough of these chains
I know they’re of my making
No one else to blame for where I stand today
I’ve no memory of truth
But suddenly the audience is so cruel
So God, hey God, you know why I’m through

I guess it’s tough, I guess I’m older
And everything must change
But all this cruelty and money instead of love
People, have we no shame?

They may chase me to the ends of the earth
But I’ve got you, babe
And they may take away the things that I’ve worked for
But you’ll pull me through, babe

It’s so clear to me now
I’ve enough of these chains
Life is there for the taking
What kind of fool would remain in this cheap gilded cage
I’ve no memory of truth
Suddenly the audience is so cruel
Oh God, I’m sorry

I think I’m through
I think I’m through
I think I’m…
I know I’m…

Author: Brian

Blogger. Bookworm. Michael Jackson fanatic. Lives in Kentucky with partner of 12 years and three fabulous felines.

12 thoughts on “La fin”

  1. I’m struggling with the same thing right now too. I’ll miss reading your posts, but on the bright side, now when you tell me something in real life I won’t say, “I know, I read it on your blog.”

  2. You’ve given so many gifts by writing, Brian. I’ve loved witnessing your birth and growth as a strong and compelling writer. I’ve stood in awe of your insightful, passionate nature. I’ve admired your ability to make yourself vulnerable here, revealing parts of yourself that most prefer to keep hidden from view. I’ve been kept up to date on all sorts of stuff (the significant and the not-so) that I would have otherwise missed. And all along the way, your blog has reminded me that within each person is a universe worthy of exploring.

    My hat’s off to you for all you’ve given here!

    I’ll miss your posts but know that even the most fertile soil needs its fallow time. Setting this aside (temporarily or permanently) is wise. Whatever comes next, I’ll be waving a flag and cheering you on.

  3. Brian-
    I have learned much from you – and I wish you the very best. And also, George Michael? Love him more than is rational…well done.

    God bless. I will miss you!


  4. Brian,
    Sorry to see you go, but definitely appreciate all that you have contributed. Feel like I’ve gained a friend and hopefully you feel the same. Please keep in touch (you have my email) and I wish you and Honey all the best!


  5. I’ve enjoyed our interactions and blogging friendship, Brian. I will keep you on my blog surfer subscription so that I can see if you do decide to come back and write here. If you move to a different blog, please let me know! Happy New Year!

  6. I’ve not commented much but I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog forever ago and have read them ever since. I’ve commented to some friends about several posts you’ve made and new knowledge or points of view they’ve provided. Best wishes and thanks for sharing!

  7. Thank you all so much for your gracious comments.

    I’ve decided to start posting here again for a plethora of reasons. I get tired of feeling pressure to post, so I thought it might be easier to just walk away. That was much easier said than done, since I found myself coming back here several times a day checking for comments or an increase in stats. (On a side note – yesterday was the most popular day in this website’s history!).

    I considered starting a new blog, since it would provide me with a little of the anonymity that I’ve been craving for some time, but my mind kept coming back to how much time and energy I already have invested in this blog. If I’m going to post somewhere, I figure I might as well post here.

    On we go…

  8. oh yay! I’m so glad you decided to start posting again. Just on a whim I decided to check back in just now.

    Guess what! I have Verizon now! and the enV2! and now I finally have a texting plan. EXCITING. I am having problems getting my ringtones transferred, though. I’ve read your (very popluar) post on the subject, and it will work, but I need a cable that will fit my computer and phone….grr.

    anyway, I’m glad you’re back!

  9. @ JimT: Thanks!

    @ ashley: That’s so great that you got the enV2! It is a super-cool phone and I’m sure you will love the keyboard. Check eBay for a cheap cord. Many sellers offer free shipping too.

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