Lady & the stamp

Our friend Liz, over at Still Dreaming, just got a gorgeous new tattoo this weekend. We got to watch most of the process and I was expecting her to be in a lot of pain, but she took it like a pro. We had great fun laughing at her for having her behind exposed to everyone who came in the tattoo parlor.

I usually call these over-the-butt tattoos “tramp stamps”, but since Liz is a true lady, I’ll have to cut her some slack. It’s a beautiful, custom design that incorporates appropriately-colored butterflies for each of her three children – two boys and a girl.


Author: Brian

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14 thoughts on “Lady & the stamp”

  1. I always wondered at what point a lower back tattoo became a tramp stamp.

    Is it the fact that its on a lady or that it is custom work as opposed to your stereotypical ass antlers chosen on a whim straight off the wall?

    Good job all the same on your friends tattoo


  2. @ Alyson: That would be cool or (Kool)! Where are you going to put it?

    @ MBMQ: This was my first chance to see one applied in person. It was rather interesting and I was glad they allowed my camera.

    @ Kinky Ink Tattoos: I have no idea where that term originated, but it’s pretty funny!

    @ fightingwindmills: I actually think that’s a good place for one. Do you have a picture of yours?

  3. lol,
    Brian, thanks for the lady comment.

    It really wasn’t that bad. It stung at times. It is like having a sunburn branded in your skin.

    Alyson, when I was talking to the man about what I wanted I told him that people couldn’t believe that I was getting one & that I was was going to get it above my breast but didn’t want people to see it. He said “Why would you want a tattoo that people couldn’t see?”

    I also was going to wait until I “lost weight” but I have been fat for the last ten years & I’ll probably die fat so…”
    Actually it has given me a desire to try to improve my body so I can show it off. lol

  4. That’s true, about having it where people can see it, and motivation to lose weight. That’s a great idea. It’ll still probably be a long time before I get one.

  5. I still don’t regret doing it. Also, it really hasn’t been that bad. I am ready to do it again.

    However, I logged on tonight expecting this post to be way down on your blog with new post.

    I know you have alot going on in your life right now and I know that with the recent events having your blogsite used “against” you may have made you a little hestiant to blog again, but don’t let it!!!!

    You are a very smart, talented, kind, awesome, young ( :) ) man!

    I love you!!!

  6. lol,
    I can’t see it unless I look in a mirror. So, I doubt it will cause me to much regret.
    In 20 yrs It will either be sagging unseen or stretched out will I bend down at the supermarket and some young stock boy wanting to gouge out his eyes. Either way, I win. lol

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