‘Lake of Fire’

lakeoffireposterI just watched a very powerful documentary about abortion titled Lake of Fire. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anything that moving and it’s going to take a while to digest it. If you think you know your personal position on abortion, take the time to watch it. I guarantee your views will be challenged.

Although I’ve always been mostly pro-choice, I will admit that watching actual procedures and seeing the mutilated fetuses made me question my own beliefs. In fact, my pro-choice point of view almost seems at odds with many of the other beliefs that I hold dear. Why is it that pro-lifers usually support the death penalty, while those who are pro-choice are often against it? Strange.

There were a couple of statements made in the film that really stuck with me. One was that abortion is a token issue for Republicans, much like Social Security is for Democrats. Republicans get elected because of their stance on abortion, so one commentator asked if Republicans would really want to see abortion abolished. What would that do for their political ambitions?

The other statement was one made by Cardinal Joseph Bernadine, who adopted a philosophy known as the “Seamless Garment of Life,” which “holds that issues such as abortion, capital punishment, militarism, euthanasia, social injustice and economic injustice all demand a consistent application of moral principles that value the sacredness of human life.”

There isn’t an easy answer for the important question of whether or not legal abortions should be provided, and this documentary doesn’t provide that answer, but it does give the viewer lots to think about.

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7 thoughts on “‘Lake of Fire’”

  1. The procedure is terrible, and I, personally, am against casual abortion. However, the larger issue is how far does state control go, and that’s where I need to draw the line. On the one hand, abortion seems to be used by, frankly, careless women; on the other, it seems like the issue has gotten overblown because of the right’s prudish desire to micromanage sexual activity.

    Call me cynical, but I just don’t believe, as the right seems so fervently to do, that folks will change their sexual behavior just because abortion is illegal. That assumes constant rational decision making, which, let’s face it, is a myth. (This also underlies my reservations about gun ownership.)

    RU-386 ought to be legal and available to those women who need it. So, of course, should condoms. Abstinence should be taught, even emphasized, but not exclusively. I truly wish abortions were never done, but the correct approach is not state fiat. Rather, a robust pre-, peri- and neo-natal support system, with strong support for adoptions must be available, and let’s get rid of the stigma, too.

  2. I don’t think it was included in the soundtrack. The film took that title from the many references that pro-lifers made to abortion doctors and recipients burning in a lake of fire.

    I did some research and it seems that there might be a connection between 4th of July fireworks and the end of the world. There is a song by Soundgarden called “4th of July” that seems to be referring to the end of the world.

    I dunno… Just a thought.

  3. This is an issue I struggle with. On one hand, I believe that abortion is wrong, and I think it is terrible, both for the fetus and the mother. BUT, do I think it should be illegal? No. Studies have shown that in countries where abortion is illegal, the abortion rates aren’t any lower than in countries where abortion is legal. The only difference is in the safety of the procedure. So, I would hate to see abortion outlawed in America, because of all the health-risks that would arise from unsanitary and unsafe abortions (that scene in Dirty Dancing rings a bell…). I think that abstinence education is a joke. It just doesn’t work! This is one issue that I am in agreement with the Clintons 100%–their view is that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. And they’ve said that by “rare” they mean almost unheard of. I am fresh out of ideas on how to achieve that though….I’m sure it will take a couple generations at least to reach that goal.

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