‘Last Days On Earth’


Honey and I watched the new 2 hour special on the History Channel titled “Last Days On Earth“, which gave 8 different scenarios for wiping out the human species. It was one of the scariest programs that I’ve ever seen.

The number one threat to humanity is climate change, commonly referred to as “global warming”. This is the greatest challenge that the planet has ever faced, and we have no hope if we don’t act decisively and drastically.

The Seven Biggest Threats To Humanity

  1. Climate change/Global warming
  2. Biological warfare/virus
  3. A nuclear war started accidentally
  4. An asteroid collision
  5. A super-volcano
  6. Artificial intelligence
  7. Being swallowed by a black hole
  8. Hit by gamma rays

Anyway, check it out if you want to be frightened out of your wits.

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14 thoughts on “‘Last Days On Earth’”

  1. Well, that’s cheery. Sometimes, I really think I’d rather not know. Just kidding. Since the number one threat is something we CAN still do something about, we all need to know, and care.

  2. I hope the programme left you with hope as far as our climate situation is concerned, rather than despair. I also hope the show did not paint global warming as another alarmist myth spread by doom-mongers to scare people witless, by grouping climate change (which can be studied and its effects predicted to varying degrees by scientists) in the same general category as the other potential disasters. Climate change is a challenge that we definitely have to tackle: it cannot be left to future generations (for obvious reasons …)

  3. It actually did leave me with some hope, and I feel spurred on to do something. The show repeatedly stressed that climate change was the only one that we could actually do anything about, which actually felt good in a way.

  4. I think you have the order of the threats a bit out of sequence….

    It was interesting, albeit, a bit of a political msg. for liberal Democrats yelping about global warming. Also, an accidental nuke attack seems less probable than an intentional one by an experimental nation. Nevertheless, enjoyable watching.

  5. Hmm, what about peak oil and peak minerals? They are finite resources after all and without them agriculture, industry, health care, energy generation, food distribution etc etc will all falter.

    Look at North Korea. They changed to petro-chemical based, intensive agriculture after WW2. Then Communism collapsed, the world slapped embargoes on the country and their agriculture collapsed for lack of oil. The result, a huge downturn in agricultural output and mass starvation as their population rise was, ultimately, fuelled by oil.

  6. Global warming exists, sure. But not the way it is portrayed by the media or the internet inventor, Al Gore. The max it will do is raise the overall temp on Earth two degrees Fahrenheit. Melted ice caps will raise the ocean 1.76 inches across the globe. Wow, sounds like we’re toast, or not. The greatest threat is biological warfare /viruses. Global warming is an environmental fad. It’ll blow over. Much like the Global freezing/new ice age environmental fad blew over twenty-five years ago, when all data showed a drastic cooling trend.

  7. @ Joe,

    Please provide the source for your information. I have never heard any scientific report that the temp will only increase 2 degrees.

    I do not believe that GW is even slightly similar to the cooling theory from the 70’s.

  8. This show was extremely depressing maybe we should all stop being dumb and pissing off countries with nuclear weapons. Also global warming isn’t the biggest threat to humanity the temperature is barley rising Colorado is always cold. Please provide information on the 8 ways people are going to die. Also i do agree robots will kill us all

  9. Very interesting, given that the Bible predicted that just such things would and are occuring. Those who trust in the Lord will ride out the storm. Put your trust in him who is in control of all things. He commands the winds, and the seasons obey his voice. He is loving and kind, and has created for us a beautiful world, full of majestic mountains, singing birds, rainbows and flora, for us. We are an ungrateful creation to have treated the earth so poorly. We blame God when things go wrong, but then say that all this just happened on it’s own. God wants to poor his love into our hearts and make out souls whole. If there are any reasonable people reading this, simply consider the Lord, I’m not saying become a religious person, just consider the Lord.

  10. To hear the other side of the Global Climate Change argument check out “The Great Global Warming Swindle” a controversial documentary which aired in the UK in March 2007. Available at Amazon.com


  11. Global Warming? We’ve only been industrialized for what??? A hundred years or so? You gotta be kidding me…Human’s ain’t that powerful and you’re stupid if you think so. We can’t even keep a damn tile on the space shuttle…give me a break..

  12. So this for the firstime tonight 8/09/2010. this was made in 2006. this looks like another Al Gore global warming propoganda. So a failed presidental candidate is a expert on global warming. btw, I live in Tennessee now and have for the last 48 years.

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