Lest we forget

Television is enraptured with the legacy of Jerry Falwell (I refuse to call him “Rev.”). Every news channel is featuring the usual suspects extolling the virtues of this man who “created the Religious Right” and stood up for “morality”. One commentator even said that there would be thousands of people in heaven because of Falwell, but I wonder how many people have shunned Christianity and God because of him?

Here are some of the quotes made by this “man of God”, lest we forget:

I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way, all of them who have tried to secularize America. I point the finger in their face and say ‘you helped this happen.’ (referring to 9/11)

AIDS is the wrath of a just God against homosexuals.

Thank God for these gay demonstrators. If I didn’t have them, I’d have to invent them. They give me all the publicity I need.

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7 thoughts on “Lest we forget”

  1. Well, I know the name but honestly I only remember him making a big deal over one of the “Teletubbies” because he thought ‘he’ symbolized gays.
    I think alot of people may be like me and just ignored him.

    However, why not let him ‘rest in peace’ or whatever it might be?

  2. However, why not let him ‘rest in peace’ or whatever it might be?

    This man made life more difficult for millions of Americans, including myself, and I’m just supposed to forget what he said and did?

    I don’t think so

  3. I hope you changed your mind after the newest post.
    If you hang on to “this” it is given him and his words ‘more power’ even with his death.

    He has faced his judgement from ‘the Judge’ aka GOD.

    Plus what happen to the message “Jesus” came to teach us, OR is that only when it pertains to the War in Iraq?

    ps: not trying to upset u. :)
    love ya,

  4. Good post. As my mom commented on my own post, he has done a lot of damage to this country and I don’t know if we’ll ever recover.

  5. Nope, wasn’t trying to strike a nerve.

    I just think you are like most democates when it comes to something that ‘offends’ you then you are all ‘up in arms’ but when it comes to someone else being offended by your message, then it is unchristian or unamerican.
    Come to thing of it, that is just regular human emotion and we are ALL guilty of it.

    I included that because of what you responsed to me in 10 Reasons to bring the troops home, #9. I don’t see how this “situation” is any different

    And please don’t think that I am taking up for him. As I mentioned above, I just ignored him.

    Believe me, after the last time, we had a misunderstanding, I have closely watched my wording and if I wanted to ‘attempt’ striking a nerve, I could go about it in a entirely different matter.

    Did you know that even Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson was good friends even though they held totally different views on what was right for America? I see no reason why we can’t.

    So, hate the man, I really don’t care.

    But hate me and I do. :)

    Feel free to write a blog about friends who cross the line…NOW that was an attempt to hit a nerve.

    Still love you.

  6. I’m not sure there’s any point in responding, but there are a couple of things that I want to point out.

    First, the way you describe Democrats definitely applies to Republicans, as well.

    Second, I NEVER said that I hated Jerry Falwell (at least not since he died).

    You’re impossible to argue with! AARRGGHH! ;)

  7. LOL,
    I know just ask Nathan, my ex….
    Belief it or not I don’t like arguing!!!!
    I do however like teasing you!!!!

    You are one of the SMARTEST people I know and I DEARLY love you.

    What you said about DEMO’s and REP’s are correct!!! WE NEED a NEW party and I am not talking about INDEPENDENT/GREEN party.
    Tell Honey to come up with something. He is smart too. ;)

    I think OUR GENERATION is not content with claiming either party. Of course, I am probably wrong about that, because I haven’t seen any statics on that, just my opinion from hearing people talk.
    Until next time, Jefferson! (I want to be Ben, okay?, he seemed smarter….LOL)

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