Life goes on

Honey is leaving me for a woman. A much, much older woman. And they’re moving in together right next door! Oh, the drama!!

Okay… he’s just going to be staying with our elderly neighbor lady at night for the next two weeks as she transitions from the nursing home to being on her own. Her niece insisted that she have someone with her at night for a while and once Mrs. J realized that a complete stranger might be staying in her house, she begged and pleaded for Honey to do it. Of course, he relented, because he just can’t resist those older ladies.

Anyway, today is her 89th birthday and she’s officially coming home! We’re all really excited about it and will be having a few of her friends over for a small homecoming/birthday celebration this evening. Nothing too raucous, because you know how wild and crazy the elderly can get after a few rounds of cake and punch.

Last night, we had our (hopefully) final visit with her at the nursing home. She’s been full of anticipation over the last few days and it’s really just hitting her that she actually gets to come home. To say she’s excited would be a gross understatement.

As we got in to the car after the visit, I told Honey I would actually miss the place. Considering how dreadful I found it all to be a few months ago, that’s a pretty big statement. It’s just that there are several faces that I’ll miss seeing regularly. The obnoxious little lady across the hall that can be so ornery one minute and smiling so sweetly the next. Some of the nurses, especially my cousins that work there, but also the one from New Jersey with the fabulous accent who told Mrs. J she should let her frozen-solid ice cream “defrowst”. Maybe I’ll pop back in to say hi from time to time.

So, it’ll just be me and my three babies for the next several nights. I’ll have plenty of opportunity to catch up on my reading of Infidel, since I’ve fallen behind most of the class. Our notebook computer can still surf wirelessly from next door, so at least Snookums will have internet access.

Life goes on. Some things change, some stay the same, but it’s all good.

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14 thoughts on “Life goes on”

  1. I knew it. Alan has always disliked homosexual people. LOL.

    I forgot there would be no mail yesterday, so I just got my b-day card for her out today. I guess it’ll spread the celebration out a little bit.

    I know what you mean about missing the nursing home. You guys have spent alot of time there! I’m sure some of the people will miss you too, even if you’re not Presbyterian. lol.

  2. LOL…I was like “what the hell, Alan’s leaving him?!?!?!” I was soo confused there for a second…haha.

    Well happy birthday to Mrs. J, and what a lucky lady she is! I will be keeping your experiences in mind today as I practice my therapeutic communication at part 1/2 of my long term care rotation. :)

  3. @ Alyson – I’m not sure the Presbyterians will miss us, since one of them is getting Mrs. J’s bed. Also, belated birthday cards are always more unexpected!

    @ Caroline – You’ll work your hiney off at LTC, but you’ll enjoy it.

    @ Karen – It is. It is.

    @ MBMQ – Sure! We’ll just change your name to MommyMcQueen. ;)

  4. I figured that would happen. Mrs. J has been after Alan since he moved in. LOL

    Sunday, I saw my sister and she was asking me about my new man (thanks, Brian) anyway, she told me that she has never ever seen any of the patients be treated or visited as much as you guys did Mrs. J. I think that a few people will miss yours and Alan faces too!!!

    Happy Birthday & Congrats to Mrs. J too!!!

  5. You guys are the best neighbors, I wish you were mine. And how do you meet these neighbors? Mine seem to duck behind the newspaper when I’m in their vicinity.

  6. @ Stilldreaming – There are so many people there who I’ve never seen with visitors. It’s very sad.

    @ Jamie – Thank you.

    @ Wendy – Well, I’ve known Mrs. J my whole life and she has no problem walking up to neighbors and forcing them to talk. I think I’ve met most of them through her introductions.

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