‘Christmas Stays The Same’ with Linda Eder

linda_eder_christmasI’ve had this DVD for almost two years, and never really watched it until yesterday evening. I was listening to Christmas music on the computer and just happened to run across her name and remembered that I had the video.

This concert was filmed for Bravo and features Mrs. Eder singing several holiday classics, along with a few contemporary selections. After watching most of it, I wondered why it had taken me that long to really sit down and appreciate it. Her vocals are literally chill-inducing and the arrangements of her with a full band and choir are unique at times, but always beautiful.

I believe I was searching for different renditions of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” when I discovered her a few years ago, and I was immediately blown away. She definitely has a Barbra Streisand-esque quality to her voice, but says that it’s completely unintentional. I personally think she blows Babs right out of the water, and can’t understand why she isn’t a household name.

There is a CD taken from this performance, but it simply can’t capture the magic and emotion of seeing her break down on stage while singing a song her friend wrote about September 11.


Christmas Stays The Same
Here Comes Santa Claus
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Don’t Rain On My Parade
Christmas Through A Child’s Eyes
Rudolph Medley
If I Should Lose My Way
The Bells Of St. Paul
O Come, O Come Emmanuel/What Child Is This?
Silent Night
The Little Drummer Boy
Son Of A Preacher Man
Ave Maria
Do You Hear What I Hear
O Holy Night
If I Had My Way (9/11 Tribute)
God Bless America

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2 thoughts on “‘Christmas Stays The Same’ with Linda Eder”

  1. She is good. Nice voice. Barbra she isn’t and never will be. Goddess Barbra has the greatest voice on the planet. Linda can only hope.

  2. I agree 1000 percent with you. I ‘discovered’ Linda Eder on Christmas Day 2001, on Bravo, watching that special. I was never so happy as when they put it out on DVD. The DVD is not as good as the special (they cut parts, and had different intros), but she completely blew me away! She is so much stronger than Streisand (who was my favorite singer before Linda, and I still love Barbra), I still don’t know why I never heard of her until that day.

    I go to as many concerts as I can. She is 10 times better in person, and a very humble, and generous to her fans kind of person. One of kind, for sure.

    Thanks for sharing! (in case you are wondering, Google sent me a link to this as an alert for Linda Eder!)


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