Several weeks ago, we watched August Rush, which stars Keri Russell as “Lyla.” I really liked the name and since my sister was expecting a baby boy, I decided to send her the name “Lyle” in a text message. I typed it into my phone and saved it to my drafts with the intention of sending it after the movie had ended, but I wound up forgetting about it, and never sent it or mentioned it to anyone except my partner.

My sister delivered a healthy baby boy today. Guess what his name is?

Author: Brian

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7 thoughts on “Lyle”

  1. It would be weird to ask you to wish your sister well or send her my congratulations since I don’t know her, but I am always excited about the birth of a baby! So congratulations, Brian, on the birth of your nephew! Do you live close enough that you’ll be able to meet him soon?

  2. @ fightingwindmills: Yes, I live pretty close. Thanks for the congrats!

    @ Alyson: It is quite possible that I forgot to mention it. Which reminds me… I need to go take my Ginkgo biloba. :D

  3. CONGRATS Uncle!!! Aunt/uncleness is the best thing ever conceived, no pun in tended. You are going to have so much fun! And what a cute name…love it. Congrats!

  4. @ Alyson: Just think how much fun we would have if they put us in the same room at a nursing home. We could tell the same stories over and over and they would be new every time! :lol:

    @ Caroline: Thanks for giving me a new word to use – “uncleness.” Hilarious!

    @ Chris: You’re a trip! I don’t know if I believe in psychic ability or not, but I guess it’s possible. Coincidence seems more probable, though.

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