Married with children

A gay couple visited our church on Sunday and brought along their beautiful little girl. I noticed they were each wearing what appeared to be wedding bands and they seemed like the perfect representation of domestic bliss. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was briefly struck with a sharp pang of jealousy.

Not long after Honey and I took our seats, I leaned towards him to ask if the kid was theirs, somehow thinking that he would magically have more knowledge of the situation than I. He told me he didn’t know, and I immediately blurted, “I want one!” He laughed and offered to request prayer for me, and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t referring to asking God to give me a child.

Even though I might be somewhat delusional, I’m keeping hope alive that one day we too will be married with children.

Author: Brian

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  1. Over the week-end I met a woman who works for an agency that places foster children. When she offered to come speak to the church, my response was that those in the right demographic are gay and lesbian. She didn’t blink an eye: I’d love to place children in the home of a loving couple, she said. She even said that she processes the paperwork for adoption. Her agency is just an hour away! Hooray for progressives in conservative towns.

  2. well having kids is a big responsibility and becomes bigger while you have to raise them…whether gay or straight couples i think its the love and care that the child needs…if i am gay or straight doesnt matter as long as i am able to plan things that that one is able to take care of the responsibilities of a child and can provide that attention needed then i think its fine but remember with a new entrant in the family, you have to thing you now wud have a responsibility and as long as you fulfill that with your heart and soul who cares you are gay or not…i dont…

    P.S. the ppl who have posted b4 are rite…u will make a great father

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