Meet Macy Gray

A guy walked into my office this morning carrying a darling kitten and announced, “If no one wants this cat, I’m going to kill it.” Yeah, real classy.

I asked where it came from and he said it was in his truck this morning when he got to work. Apparently, one of the many cats that he owns (and allows to breed uncontrollably) decided to put her kitten in the back of his pickup during the night. After he reaffirmed his intentions to “knock the cat in the head”, I, completely appalled, told him to hand it to me.

Within a few minutes, my foreman came into the office and told me that if I didn’t want to keep it, he would take it home to his son. That was fine by me, since I simply don’t need another pet to take care of.

It soon became apparent that this kitten wasn’t weaned yet, even though it has a nice set of baby teeth. My attempts to get her to drink milk from a saucer resulted in her nearly drowning herself, and she constantly tried to nurse from the tips of my fingers.

After talking to my foreman about this development, we decided that I should take the kitten home and bottle-feed her until she is on solid food. Then, if I’m not too attached, he can take her to his son.

After taking her home, bathing her, and giving her some formula through a bottle, she settled in for a nice long nap. She’s a real cutie and I’ve decided to name her “Macy Gray”.



Author: Brian

Brian lives in Kentucky with his partner of 14 years and three fabulous felines.