Meeting the parents

Honey graduated from college today, which provided the perfect opportunity for me to meet my “in-laws” for the first time. Although we’ve been together for just over four years, he’s never actually told them about the nature of our relationship. He hasn’t exactly kept it a secret either, since they know we live together and that I’m gay.

After spending almost three hours watching around 1,300 students accept their diplomas, we met up with friends and family at a nearby eatery. Since I hadn’t actually seen Honey’s parents during the ceremony, this would be my first face-to-face meeting with them. To say I was nervous would have been a great understatement.

After getting out of the car and walking to the front of the restaurant, we were greeted by Honey’s mom – a rather attractive lady who seemed delighted to meet me and our other friends that were along for the occasion. Honey’s step-dad introduced himself and said he had heard a lot about me. I said, “I’ll bet you have!” which made him laugh.

As we sat and ate, we shared little humorous stories about Honey and chit-chatted about various topics. Step-Dad was a rather likable fellow who kept me quite entertained with his offbeat sense of humor. We noticed an advertisement on the table for a special edition of Dolly Parton’s latest CD (which was being sold in the adjoining store) and Honey’s mom commented on how much she loved the song “Backwoods Barbie.” When I went to pay the bill a few minutes later, I bought a copy of the album and handed it to her. She was thrilled and I instantly knew that I had scored some major brownie points.

Once outside, we took some photos and Step-Dad announced that he wanted one with me. After taking my place beside him, I was surprised when he put his arm around me and insisted that I do the same. I even got a hug from Honey’s mom as we all said our goodbyes.

For four years I’ve worried about how this meeting might go. Thankfully, it turns out I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

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6 thoughts on “Meeting the parents”

  1. Yay……..I told you it would be fine. I’m so glad to read this.

    You didn’t buy that CD for yourself did you? Spoiler alert: That’s what you’re getting from us for your b-day.

  2. That’s wonderful! Congratulations to ‘Honey’!! I’m so happy that you were finally able to meet them and it was a great beginning.

  3. What a fantastic, upbeat post. Your experience with Honey’s family is what life is supposed to be about. I wish everyone could have what you’ve got, Brian. What a happier place the world would be! :)

  4. It was very nice! Honey looked so handsome in his cap & gown! I enjoyed meeting his parent’s & can’t tell you how much I enjoyed being there when you finally met them!

  5. @ Alyson: I didn’t, but I’ll be glad to get my own copy! :)

    @ Karen: Good point! I hope it’s just the first step in a long, splendid relationship with his folks.

    @ Chris: Thank you!

    @ Wendy: You’re too kind, but thank you for the wonderful comment.

    @ Liz: I’m glad you were there, too!

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