Michael Jackson announces London concerts

Michael Jackson

Why does anything to do with this man make me act and feel like a giddy teenage girl?

Michael Jackson has announced a set of shows at London’s O2 Arena in July, calling the mini-tour “This Is It!” Apparently this will be the last time the King of Pop performs in London, although we’ve heard these retirement announcements from other artists before only to see them return to the stage months later.

When I heard the rumors about this announcement several days ago, I refused to get excited, telling myself that he’s too old and too controversial to draw in the crowds that he once did. I also think this is a terrible time economically-speaking to launch a comeback. But, alas, as the story took the top spot on CNN’s website and I watched Jackson take the podium, my heart began to flutter and my brain began to fantasize about making a trip to the UK. Too bad I hate flying so much.

I’ve seen my idol once during the eighteen years that I’ve been a fan, which was at one of the 2001 concerts in New York that celebrated his career. Michael performed with a reunited “Jacksons” and also alone. I am beyond thankful for that opportunity, but part of me would love to see Michael shine one last time.

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny his influence on the world of music, dance, and entertainment.

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2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson announces London concerts”

  1. You so need to suck up your fear and go. The sucky economy is a bonus for travel if you actually have money. People at work have gotten free upgrades on flights, hotel rooms, and cruises because nobody is travelling. Plus, London is awesome.

    Of course after what happened the last time you saw MJ……………..

    If you don’t go here, you need to at least go to Beach Bend.

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