My favorite Christmas ornaments

Since I seem to be suffering from writer’s block and have nothing better to share, I thought I’d post pictures of some of my favorite ornaments from our Christmas tree. So, without further ado…

Author: Brian

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21 thoughts on “My favorite Christmas ornaments”

  1. excellent! but you got nothing on my mother’s star trek collection…complete with voices. my favorite: “shuttle craft to enterprise, shuttlecraft to enterprise. spock here. happy holidays. live long and prosper.”

  2. Brian,

    Love the ornaments! My favorite is the sun-bathing flamingo!

    As far as the writer’s block–I thought maybe you’d post something about the Republican YouTube Debate from Wednesday night :)


  3. Nice ornaments, particularly those flamingos. Brian, you would fit right into my family–we have an OBSESSION with flamingoes. We are czech and flamingos are apparently a sign of wealth (and tackiness) in that culture…so many moons ago, when we were organizing a reunion, we decided to make it flamingo-themed. These days, my mom probably has HUNDREDS of flamingo items in her house…you would be amazed at the stuff they can put a flamingo on. (A banana holder, a stand for a roll of toilet paper, my cousin has a mailbox…)

  4. @ ohchicken: Sounds delightful, as long as she doesn’t require everyone to wear those ST outfits to Christmas gatherings.

    @ jimthomp87: That’s one that I bought on eBay.
    I didn’t watch the CNN/YouTube debate, but I did read about it yesterday. It’s a shame that the important question posed about gays in the military has been overshadowed by rumors of a plant. Politics as usual, I guess.

    @ Caroline: A flamingo-themed reunion sounds like a little foretaste of heaven! I’ve got lots of flamingo items, although my partner thinks they are incredibly tacky and in poor taste. You can’t please everyone, eh?
    I’m not sure why I like them so, but they are so whimsical and, well, pink.

    @ Stephanie: Nothing tugs the heart strings like ole Bambi can!

  5. @ Wendy: I can’t remember where I got the mice. I got Flik for 50% off the day after Christmas several years ago. He was the last one left in the store.

  6. Thanks for sharing, Brian! They are all so cute. I did a christmas ornaments post because of yours. It was like a meme, except no one asked me to do it. :lol:

    My favorite is Dumbo, for tugging on the heartstrings. :cry:

  7. I thought about doing this post next year, when I have my new camera.

    We finally got our trees up! Argh……..My favorite ornament is one of those metal ones you get engraved. It says best friends at the top and has 2 bears. Rebecca gave it to me, and it has our names on it.

  8. @ fightingwindmills: I don’t know how well it shows up in the photo, but Dumbo has a little feather in his trunk. He is precious! I’m going to check out your ornament post now.

    @ Alyson: You put up more than one tree? The friends ornament sounds really sweet. :)

  9. I hate to admit it but I LOVE the pink flamingo in the lawn chair! bwahahahahaha. Usually pink flamingos freak me out but not this one!

    I would even consider buying one if someone shared where they got theirs. ;)

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