My new baby

I just signed my life away to Verizon for two years, but I think this LG Chocolate in Blue Ice should make it all worthwhile.

Author: Brian

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7 thoughts on “My new baby”

  1. I guess that’s awesome, I know nothing about phones and technology.

    I’m mostly stoked that you are on Verizon now. We can chat for free!

  2. Oh dear. My daughter really wanted a chocolate, so she got one, also from Verizon. It died a white screen death, as did the replacement, just after the warranty died out. So now she’s using my old VX6000 or some such and counting the days until she can get a new phone.

    I’M counting the days until the android phone is released.

  3. @ Alyson: Yay!!

    @ mario: Dude, don’t rain on my parade! :D I read and watched YouTube reviews of this phone before deciding on it. It is considered one of the best phones available from Verizon and I love the color. Hopefully I won’t have the problems that your daughter experienced.

  4. I’M GETTING IT 2MORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i ordered it yesterday, but it’ll be here by 2morrow
    it’s purty and beautiful and ah-mazing!
    that’s all i have to say, and everybody better listen to my advice
    i am perfect and now i have a perfect phone!

  5. im geting the lg choclate phone this comeing up oct first im geting the blue ice im sooo happy im geting it me and my girlfriend have the same phone now well i get to chat talk text free to my friends now

  6. I’m getting the chocolate tomorroww I’m excited becasuse I’ve broken maybe… 8 phones? I hope this one holds up

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