No news is good news

My regular readers (all three of you) may have noticed that I don’t post many news-related tidbits anymore. That’s mostly because I have been making a conscious effort to avoid watching or reading news. Headlines no longer appear on my homepage and I steer clear of talking heads on television. Aside from reading the occasional story in our local hometown paper or searching for Michael Jackson-related articles, I am almost completely out of the loop.

This is a huge change for me, considering I would have once referred to myself as a “news junkie,” but I honestly prefer it this way. News has a way of only concentrating on the negative aspects of a story. I’ve learned that most of what I hear about in the media isn’t going to impact me personally, so worrying about it is futile. It makes much more sense for me to concern myself with things that are within my reach – things like improving my relationships with others, helping out at my church, and becoming a better steward of my time.

Author: Brian

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4 thoughts on “No news is good news”

  1. You’re right Brian. It’s so depressing to hear all these stories that the media fixates on. I think that the public is told what is important by what they see on the news every night. Case in point, swine flu. People were told it was an epidemic and then they numbered off the cases. Meanwhile, people were dying from the old fashion flu bug left and right but the media didn’t deem those important. They create hysteria.

    I also find the news lacking in real information. More often than not, I find myself with more questions than answers when I’m done with a story. It’s very frustrating.

    I agree with your deciding to just focus energy and attention on the people you actually know or in your community. Good for you on breaking your bad habit ;)

  2. oooh since u r an mj fan i just came across a poster of the movie being released…its mj’s rare videos n all releasin as a movie titled as his last tour ‘this is it’

  3. @ Chris: The flu thing was one of the reasons I reconsidered my news addiction. Talk about dramatic!

    @ Randomability: Thanks! I’ve blogrolled you finally.

    @ Siawo: I know! I’m so excited. The trailer premieres this weekend on the MTV Video Music Awards and the movie comes out at the end of October. Can’t wait!!

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