None of the above


While filling out an application today at a financial institution, I was asked about my marital status. The options were married, divorced, or single. Realizing that none of those quite applied to me, I paused a bit before selecting the last option. With my partner sitting a few feet away, I declared myself single on a legal document.

It seems like it would make more sense if the choices were married, divorced, and unmarried, as the term “single” usually denotes someone who is available and outside of a relationship. Since my partner and I have been together for over two years, it felt almost immoral to use such a term to describe myself.

The next time this situation presents itself, I intend to simply reply, “None of the above.”

Author: Brian

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10 thoughts on “None of the above”

  1. I can’t even believe I’m typing this, but maybe, God forbid, they could take a hint from myspace, and have “In a Relationship” as an option. There are alot of heterosexual people who don’t fit any of the categories you mentioned either.

  2. Alyson,

    That’s a great idea! I’m assuming that they consider that information important because it might speak to spending habits, but it doesn’t even take those who are “shacked up” into consideration. :)

  3. How about a check box with something catchy like, “In a committed relationship with the person of my dreams but unable to marry him or enjoy any of the benefits of matrimony because of state laws (!).”

  4. A bunch of nursing students were all sitting around drinking beer yesterday and we were talking about our marital status. A friend of mine is seperated, and she told me later she wasn’t sure of her “identity…” is that single or married? More options are definitely needed.

  5. I hadn’t thought about this in years, but I knew somebody that had been seperated for decades. She was an older, Catholic lady and was against divorce. So yeah, that would be strange.

  6. I’ve never understood the point of the “married/single” boxes on forms. There is NO possible reason to be asked that question. If it’s a matter of a joint account, that’s what “co-applicant” is for.

    I am always tempted to make a new box, check it, and write, “None of your business” to the side.

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