One step forward, two steps back

We were delighted when we had our new windows installed a few weeks ago. They gave the house a much-needed facelift, blocked outside noise, and promised to be more energy-efficient. We had researched the window manufacturer and gotten two recommendations from personal friends before choosing the installer. It was an added bonus that they actually provided the least expensive estimate that we received.

Huge thunderstorms rolled through today, and the rain came down in torrents. Honey called me this afternoon after finding water in one of the bedroom floors, and I rushed home to discover damp spots in the carpet under another window. We were devastated and frustrated, so Honey took a few moments to calm down before calling the installer to report the problem. We had to leave a message, because the business owners are out of town on vacation.

From what we can gather, the rain actually leaked in around the window and into the wall underneath. The outside of the drywall or the inside sill wasn’t wet, so it seems likely that the insulation in the wall under the windows is probably soaked.

We are currently in wait-and-see mode. Luckily, we haven’t sent in our payment yet, so the company should have a good reason to satisfy our concerns. Wish us luck…

Author: Brian

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8 thoughts on “One step forward, two steps back”

  1. Oh no :(
    I hope the company will react soon so you don’t get any problems with mold. Once we had a leaky toilet, and the water seeped through the floor. The plumber installed a huge dryer which ran for 2 whole weeks.
    Thank heavens for insurance companies ;)

  2. @ Anke: That is our main concern. We are having a third party come out tomorrow morning to figure out what is wrong and give us a written report. He will also testify in court if necessary. We talked to the installer today, and he actually admitted that they covered the outside drains – which means that water had no where to go but into the wall. We have had a fan blowing on the base of the wall that got the most water, but it still isn’t dry. We know that the insulation in the wall is soaked, so the drywall and insulation will have to be replaced. =(

  3. Good luck with this, Brian. At least you caught it in time before it became really serious. Thank goodness for small favors. :-/

  4. @ Michael: That is definitely the silver lining. We found out today that the company that put in the windows has went bankrupt three times already. The third party that came out and gave us a report recommended that we have the drywall and insulation replaced under the windows on the front side of the house (where the storms normally blow in from). We are just sick about the whole ordeal. It will be early next week before the company’s owner is back in town, so I guess we will try to work out a solution then. In the meantime, there’s a chance of severe weather again on Sunday, so we have to figure out someway of covering the windows to prevent more water damage.

  5. @ Anke: They felt really bad about it, but I explained that it was nobody’s fault. These things just happen sometimes. How are things going with you?

  6. Sh** happens, that’s so true ;)
    I thought your friends might want to check whether their windows are installed properly…
    Things are fine over here, thanks for asking. The Easter holidays are just around the corner, so I’ll be able to relax for a few days. I can’t wait to see my parents again <3

  7. @ Anke: Your comment got flagged as spam because of the link, so I just now discovered it! One of our friends had their windows installed around 10 years ago, and they seem to be fine. The other one has had a few problems (which should have been a big red flag), but she still recommended them and said she would use them again.

    We have now gone with a different company. New windows are ordered and should be installed within the next couple of weeks. =)

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