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If I don’t like any of the three people running for president, should I vote for the one that I dislike the least, or just not vote at all? I’m seriously thinking about sitting this one out.

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  1. Has your state already had its primary? If so, you won’t get to vote again until the general election. By then, there will be a definitive democratic nominee, and since you live in a conservative area, you should vote for the democratic nominee, if for no other reason than to cancel out a vote for McCain.

    just a thought….that’s what I plan to do since John Edwards dropped out. I can’t decide between Obama and Clinton either.

  2. @ Ashley: My state primary is in a month, so I can actually vote twice. I like Obama better than Clinton, but I’m not sure I’m convinced that he deserves my vote either. John Edwards is to blame for this! ;)

  3. I’m with you, Brian–I don’t like any of the choices. I also feel that having and using ones “voice” is a precious thing — use it or lose it. I don’t want my (or your) voice silenced, but if we don’t vote we’re silencing ourselves. So…

    Maybe in addition to ‘voting for the one I dislike the least’ or ‘sitting it out’ there is a third option — the write in vote. Your candidate will not win, but at least you’ll “have your say”. Sometimes it’s important just to voice your right to have a voice.

    One write-in choice: “Karen for President” :)

  4. @ jimthomp87: I agree about our voices needing to be heard, but I hate having to pick the “lesser” of three evils.

    I looked up our sample ballot and it still has John Edward’s name on it as a Democratic candidate. If that still appears on the actual ballot, then I’ll probably be pushing it. If not, then there’s a button under Democrats labeled “Uncommited.”

    I see no place for writing in a candidate and don’t know the procedure for doing so, but I can think of several people that I know who would do a great job… you included. ;)

  5. Jim’s comment about me made me laugh right out loud! I think I would make a great VP to his President. (wink, wink)

    Jim’s other remarks reflect my sentiments. I think the days of ideal candidates are over (if they ever happened at all). I feel strongly that participating in the process is important. If the candidate I voted for wins and later disappoints me, then I’m free to hold them accountable. If the candidate I wanted loses, then at least I can’t blame myself for contributing to that by having not participated.

    If you’ve never seen Robert Redford’s film from the 1970s, The Candidate, it might make for interesting viewing right about now. It was SO ahead of its time.

    Maybe the only place where candidates can stay somewhat true to themselves and their stance is on the local level; once people get involved in bigger elections, they have to water down or modify their positions just to stay in the game. What a shame, eh?

  6. Jim’s comment about losing our voice if we silence it is wonderfully appropriate.

    I’m not totally in love with any of the candidates, but I dislike some more than others. Yep, looks like it’s gonna be another “less of two evils” kind of election. Unless Hillary gets the nomination, in which case my choice will easily be McCain. :)

  7. Brian, you should definitely vote, if only to keep whoever you dislike the most out of office. I, too, am really bummed about Edwards, and I don’t really want Obama to win (I don’t think he’s experienced or qualified)… but I’m terrified that McCain will win. And I’m pretty sure that’s how this whole election is going to go – voting for whomever we hate the least. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  8. After my earlier encouragement to vote, I hate to sound the cynic but with so many serious irregularities in electronic voting and with all the questionable practices around access to the polls, I wonder if we’ll ever know who has truly won.

  9. I know deep down inside you know you need to vote – it’s just “who you are” – you need ride the wave and stop fighting the tide, cuz you won’t win (even if you don’t vote). It will just take away a little away a little piece of who you are if you don’t use your voice and NONE of us want that.

    Now, as to the matter at hand….I don’t know who I would vote for at this stage of the game, but I do know which woman I wouldn’t vote for. ;) There, that narrows it down to two for you. LOL

  10. Voting for someone you don’t like just to keep the other candidates you like even less from winning seems sort of like hiring an incompetent job candidate to keep the even more incompetent candidates from getting hired. Somehow that doesn’t make sense to me. If I decide not to vote this time, it’ll be my way of saying “none of the above.”

  11. Don’t “not” vote, unless you want the Republicans in for 4 more years. Even voting for someone you’re not crazy about is better than voting for someone who is going to carry this bizarre war on for another century!

    I feel the same way about not liking any of the candidates, but I’ve voted many times against someone, rather than for someone, just to keep the opposite party out of office.

    If we don’t start changing the way we take care of our affairs, we’re not going to have a country in another decade.

  12. that does lead one to ponder… what would become of the election, should no one show up to vote in the general election, no one at all? I imagine there is a legal answer for this, maybe, though I’m not currently aware of what it might be.

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