Outspoken outcast

Have you ever voiced an opinion so unpopular that people didn’t even bother to respond?

This morning, a coworker shared a story of someone that he knew being on life-support after hanging himself. The conversation immediately turned to the fact that he had a wife and kids and “how could he do that to them?”

Anyone that has dealt with depression and suicidal thoughts knows that it is not something that you are “doing” to anyone. You are trying to end the pain that is constantly in your head and preventing you from living anyway. You are simply looking for an escape and death seems like it would be a relief.

So, I took the opportunity to tell the evangelicals in the room that he must have been in terrible pain, and that I don’t believe people who commit suicide go to hell, because God realizes the torment that they are in.

No one said a word. One got up and left the office and the other two just turned around and went back to work.

That caused me to wonder why it seems like I’m always coming down on the opposite side of an issue from most of the people that I live and work around. People look at me like I’m crazy because I support gay marriage, believe the Bible can’t always be taken literally, and find Rosie O’Donnell entertaining.

While most people are turned off by the controversial, I am attracted. I’m beginning to like it when someone challenges my beliefs and makes me think about something from a whole new perspective, which is why I can’t understand the reactions of others. Maybe I’m just strange; I don’t know.

I remember people reacting in a heated manner to my lack of support for the Iraq invasion, but time has proven me right. Perhaps time will be on my side on some of these other issues, too, but things might be a bit easier if I just kept my beliefs to myself.

Author: Brian

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2 thoughts on “Outspoken outcast”

  1. Nothing so controversial in there :?

    Sounds more like the people around you are a bit weird … most the people I know would agree with your points-of-view (as expressed in this post).

    A bit too much religious zeal in the office maybe?

  2. Controversial is good, I agree. A scary place to be sometimes, but a good one. I like people who are able to make me think critically without judging me or putting me on the defensive. It’s tricky.

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