A guy I know committed suicide yesterday. I didn’t know him well, but it makes me sad all the same. I hope God is merciful and gracious and loving, but perhaps He isn’t, since we’re made in His image and most of us aren’t any of those things.

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6 thoughts on “Perhaps”

  1. Our church has a support group for those touched by the suicide of another. We ask the question all the time about God’s response to someone who would choose to die.

    Without hesitation, every group member will tell you that they imagine God rushing to embrace the one who took his or her own life. Why? Because their earthly suffering was beyond words and God does not want them to have even a moment’s more.

    No one in their right mind chooses suicide. Instead, they are depressed beyond measure or experiencing so much bodily pain for so long that they cannot bear it any more. We have so many myths about those who die by suicide; nearly all of them reflect our ignorance and fear.

    Grace. Grace. Grace. If God is not gracious enough to embrace this much suffering, then that God has limits. And if that’s so, then God ain’t God.

  2. Faith, in whatever form you have it, is for just such a situation. With that you can be certain that this person, who touched life just a little, has transformed from this life into the next. A platitude, I know. But this is why we have them.

  3. Something I should’ve said (and should’ve been quick to say) earlier is that the God who rushes to embrace the one who took his or her life ALSO rushes to meet those of us left behind. It’s hard to feel God’s presence in a time of such shock and grief, but God is there and in powerful ways that most often are noticed in hindsight.

    My prayer is that you feel God’s comfort and peace, even as this was someone you didn’t know all that well.

  4. Thank you all for your kind words.

    This guy’s father died a couple of years ago after a long battle with cancer. I hope they are together again and at peace, somewhere out there.

  5. Brian,

    That is so tragic. God is merciful, gracious and loving. Karen said it well. I believe we are made in God’s image, but scarred by sin, but thankfully God is not made in our image.


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