We are still without electricity and phone service at home. Of all the houses in our subdivision, only five are without power. A tree fell across some lines and disrupted our service during the freak storm on Sunday, and since the electric company is more concerned with restoring power to larger lines, we figure we’ll be one of the last places to get service restored. Some estimates are no earlier than Friday.

My neighbor’s son (who I’ve grown quite fond of already… I know, I’m a softie) has been down to the electric company’s office for the last two mornings, even spinning a big yarn about his “bed-ridden mother” and her Life Alert button. That didn’t even get any sympathy. Oh well.

We’ve been toughing it out as best we can. It’s like living in the wild, wild West – without all the gun fights and hangings. It’s almost romantic to sit around every night with candlelight and nothing to do but talk to one another.

Unfortunately, our daylight hours have been pretty full of backbreaking yard work. The tree is off the roof, thanks to my dad and some coworkers. The roof is considerably damaged, but the insurance company seems to be more than willing to cooperate with repairs. We’re just thankful that it isn’t any worse, and that no one got hurt during the storm or the cleanup.

On the bright side, I have power and internet at work. Otherwise, I’d be in a straitjacket from withdrawals.

Author: Brian

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