Proud of my pastor

During dinner last Friday evening, Karen told the group about being approached by a lesbian couple who wished to hold a commitment ceremony at our church later this year. Knowing that she might meet some resistance from certain elders and feeling that all members should be treated equally regardless of sexual orientation, she informed the church leaders that this ceremony would happen or she would never perform another marriage ceremony in our facility.

This was one of those moments when I heard an internalized “Wow!” and felt my heart burst with pride that my pastor was so willing to stand up for what is right, even when it meets resistance and doesn’t reflect popular opinion. That’s a rare commodity in today’s religious community and I feel very thankful and blessed to have her in my life.

Author: Brian

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7 thoughts on “Proud of my pastor”

  1. That’s Awesome!

    Our church is composed of alot of elderly people who are against alot of things we would like to do. On more than one occasion our pastor has uttered the statement that it’s sometimes “easier to ask for forgiveness than permission” when dealing with them. The first time I heard him say it I laughed out loud.

  2. In so many churches the pastor wouldn’t have to worry about performing another marriage in that facility–they’d be fired immediately for even suggesting that such a ceremony take place.

    I hope that I can exhibit such courage if ever faced with such a choice. Way to go, Karen!


  3. I had no idea that my words had such an effect on you, Brian. But I’m glad they did.

    When the couple came to me expressing their desire to enter into a covenant of love before their friends and their God (and in our sanctuary), I went from church leader to church leader to share this and speak to their unique concerns and issues before we discussed the request at our council meeting.

    I hadn’t planned on saying what I said. It just occurred to me along the way. If I follow in the way of Jesus, then I must show no partiality, no prejudice, regardless of the consequences. My Savior certainly didn’t allow the prospect (and reality) of negative outcome to keep him from doing God’s will.

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