125+ Rare and beautiful photos of Michael Jackson

I have amassed thousands of photos of the King of Pop over the years. Here are a few of my favorites. Some of them literally take my breath away. While you might have seen some of these before, several are incredibly rare, and all are beautiful.

Author: Brian

Blogger. Bookworm. Michael Jackson fanatic. Lives in Kentucky with partner of 12 years and three fabulous felines.

34 thoughts on “125+ Rare and beautiful photos of Michael Jackson”

  1. Wow! thanks for sharing this beautiful pictures and Michael looks great, handsome and very wonderful. I miss you Michael so much and I love you so much from the bottom of my heart.

  2. thanks for giving me the chance of seeing him and keeping him close to my heart whenever i wished for having him beside me…he is my first & last love till im alive & even then

  3. I thank you for all the hard work and time it took to collect all these beautiful and amazing photos of the most beautiful man I have ever and will ever see in my life ! <3 Amazing photos you have great taste in Michael images that mean so much to us all !!

    Thank you MJ Tinkerbell

  4. I am really greatful that you have given time on mj and made him alive through his picture………these all are beautiful as mj himself was………no one can forget him he is alive through his countless good deed for children and poor. His name will be written first in the field of music dance and humble natue for fan and rememberable deed for children……and for making world a better place……….love you mj forever

  5. Haters always say he looked better when he was black he had a skin disease called vitiligo but fans didn’t care how he looked he’s always beautiful in the inside.

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