Remodel progress report

We managed to replace two interior doors last night, which was a miracle considering that neither of us had ever hung one. Removing the old doors was a delicate process, since we didn’t want to destroy the surrounding painted walls. The absolute worst part of hanging a door is shimming it to get the sides perfectly level – not an easy accomplishment in an almost 40-year-old house.

I can now envision just how much this update is going to change the look of our home and it spurs me on!

Author: Brian

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2 thoughts on “Remodel progress report”

  1. I remember replacing just a door, once. At the time, I didn’t understand about how one side is beveled 5 degrees to help the door close. That’s the same side that generally has an extra block of wood to support the door handle. If I recall, I figured out that one side had the block, but got the bevel backwards, which made the door HARDER to close, not easier. Darn. I did a really good job aligning the hinges, though!

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