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Remember when I posted the list of home improvement projects we were trying to accomplish by our July 4th cookout? I know we set some pretty lofty goals, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that we achieved several of them.

Our first goal was to hang the remaining interior doors and get them painted. Thanks to Honey, we had this part almost completely done before guests arrived. I say almost because the closet door in our bedroom is still awaiting its final coat of paint. The new doors were a pretty drastic improvement and certainly gave our home a more updated appearance.

Our second goal was to get the trim replaced and painted. We can’t claim much progress in this area, although Honey did put new trim around the new bifold closet doors that he installed.

One of the biggest (and most satisfying) projects that I completed was removing the old, ugly heater that was mounted in the bathroom wall. I believe it was installed when the house was built in the early 1970’s and it was a definite eyesore. Removing it left a rather large hole in the sheetrock, and I found the notion of patching it rather intimidating.

First, I decided to put the leftover electrical wire to good use by installing a new GFI outlet. I then cut a piece of drywall and secured it to the wall studs with sheetrock screws. That’s when the hard work began. Putting on drywall tape and compound is much harder than it looks – especially if you want a good result. I worked on it for several days. Taping, sanding, pulling it all off and starting over from scratch. Finally, I achieved a near-perfect patch.

Our bathroom was painted a robin’s egg blue – one of the many bad decisions I’ve made over the years. I put on a couple of coats of Kilz and then a very soft yellow. Honey installed new flooring, new baseboard trim, a new wax ring under the toilet, and painted the vanity cabinet white. I put up a wallpaper border that coordinated the bathroom colors to our two nearby bedrooms. The result was amazing!! Here are some photos of the patch project.

I replaced all the light switches in the house with decorator switches, and replaced most of the electric outlets with white ones. There are still a few original outlets behind furniture that I need to change.

We painted the patio set, which was a vast improvement. We also removed the existing outdoor patio lighting and replaced it with updated posts and fixtures.

All of this work meant that the last two items on our list (deep-cleaning the house and weeding the lawn) were pushed to the side. We did manage to have the lawn freshly mowed and got the house as clean as time would permit (thanks, Liz!). We were still wrapping up little projects when guests began arriving, and we were exhausted but happy that we had achieved so much in such a short amount of time.

I guess we need to plan another party so we will feel motivated to finish installing that trim…

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7 thoughts on “Remodel update”

  1. Well, I saw the before & after and the after was amazing & gorgeous!!!
    Brian, you are definately multi-talented.
    Y’all should have planned a Labor Day Grill out. lol :)
    Halloween is coming, and Thanksgiving, Christmas, & oh, my birthday…you could have one every month…lol…but I doubt your wallet would like it.
    BTW: I miss you guys! Hope I get to see you soon. :)

  2. You did a great job! That was a big difference. Projects are so rewarding when they’re done, they’re just kind of a pain while working on them.

    Homes are works in progress and I think as soon as you get it done, you start all over again lol. Good job!

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