Science versus faith

I found this online a few weeks ago and thought I’d share it. Click to enlarge.


Author: Brian

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4 thoughts on “Science versus faith”

  1. can science prove God existence?

    It hasn’t yet. ;)

    I think this graphic would be referring more to religious beliefs that contradict science, such as six-day creationism.

  2. If not for the new idea life would not continue.

    With that in mind, religion provides conflict. Conflict requires resolution. Resolution is the new idea.

    Vicious circle or the continuation of life?

  3. Great graphic.
    1. Khalrulorama, It doesn’t need to. Science is a method of knowing the world. Although, we could apply this method to religious thought and see where it gets us.
    3. Wayward Son, getting rid of physical conflict from religion would be a great thing! As for intellectual conflict, do we really need irrational lines of belief to achieve said conflict? The scientific line of thinking provides for that conflict resolution cycle in a way that moves us forward gracefully.

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