Seven years ago

It doesn’t quite seem possible that it’s been that long, but on this day, seven years ago, I was on top of the World Trade Center. The view was unimaginable and even though my knees were quivering from the excitement, I knew this was the experience of a lifetime. I’m a little scared of heights, so it was strangely comforting to see the sister tower just a few feet away – hovering in the heavens right along with us. It was incomprehensible to see her standing alone for those brief, fateful minutes a couple of days later.

I’m not sure I could ever forget what happened on 9/11, but I want to make sure that I never let time erase any of the fear and sorrow that I felt on that horrific day. Last night I watched a documentary – one that started out as a film about NY firefighters, but became an insider’s view of terror. It was hard to watch, but I must remember for the sake of those who died, those who sacrificed their lives trying to help others, and even those of us who watched helplessly as 3,000 of our fellow humans beings lost their lives.

“We stand, as it were, on the shore, and see multitudes of our fellow beings struggling in the water, stretching forth their arms, sinking, drowning, and we are powerless to assist them.” – Felix Adler

Author: Brian

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6 thoughts on “Seven years ago”

  1. You’re lucky you got a chance to stand atop the tower.

    Maybe time does need to erase the fear and the sorrow, so we can move on with our lives without hatred. That’s the only way we can eliminate a desire for revenge and more destruction.

  2. wow. I can’t believe you were there two days before the attack. I still can’t give it more than a fleeting thought without crying.

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