Shocking the Aflac agent

Honey came to visit me at work this afternoon, a little while before a couple of women peddling Aflac insurance arrived. One of the ladies, a tall blonde, kept looking at me with an air of familiarity. After answering a barrage of questions in an attempt to determine where our lives might have previously intersected – like where I graduated from and worked previously – she inquired if I am married.

Taken aback, I paused for a second before saying, “Partnered.” She seemed a little confused, so I reached over and patted Honey on the knee as I said, “This is my partner.” Considering I shocked myself with that statement, I can’t begin to imagine what she must have thought.

I despise being asked about my marital status. Calling it a “sore subject” would be severely underestimating how I feel about it. I am just as committed to my relationship as any other married person, and I refuse to label myself as single or unmarried just because the government doesn’t recognize my union. Yet, technically, I cannot claim to be married. Until we receive some form of legal recognition of our relationship, we are in limbo and completely disregarded by most of society.

We never figured out why we looked so familiar to one another, but further conversation revealed her to be socially conservative. I hope my honesty gave her some food for thought, but that’s probably being a little overly optimistic.

Author: Brian

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7 thoughts on “Shocking the Aflac agent”

  1. I think you should tell her, “Yes, I’m married, and this is my husband.” Really blow her mind. It might not be “legal”, but it’s no less true in your heart or spirit.

  2. We change the world one encounter at a time. Good for you for telling the truth; you’ve given that woman something to ponder.

  3. Do they have civil unions where you live? And if so, what do couples refer to themselves as afterwards? Unioned? I never thought about that before.

  4. @ Alyson: Thanks!! :)

    @ Mike: You’re right, but it just doesn’t feel right using the marriage label until we’ve had a ceremony.

    @ Karen: I hope so!!

    @ Chris: Our state doesn’t allow civil unions or marriage. That is a very interesting question about how people in civil unions refer to themselves. I have absolutely no idea, but “unioned” sounds a little silly, doesn’t it? :lol:

  5. I live in a state with Civil Unions. We consider ourselves Unionized. We belong to the Local #69 of the International Brotherhood of Pipelayers. :-P

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