Silver lining

What a day! I spent most of the afternoon in the emergency room, having x-rays and CT scans of my sinuses and lungs.

I have been suffering with sinusitis symptoms for months, often taking a course of antibiotics that would only offer temporary relief. I finally wound up going to a ENT specialist, who diagnosed the problem as chronic sinusitis. This was done based on my symptoms only, with no scans or tests. I was prescribed $350 of meds, which only helped while I was taking them. Once the medicine ran out, the symptoms came back.

After trying another antibiotic for a week with no improvement and constant fever, I decided that I might have pneumonia or something dreadful. The weekend made the emergency room the only real option.

The nurse practioner who handled my case was simply incredible; very easy to talk to and very thorough in her exam and questions. That’s a real rarity in today’s medical community.

All of the tests came back with good results, with the official diagnosis being allergic rhinitis. I had no idea that allergies could make a person feel this miserable. My whole body has been aching, and I’ve felt fatigued for weeks.

Anyway, I have another huge amount of meds to take, and was told that I needed to have allergy testing to find out what’s causing all the problems. That’s going to be alot of fun…

I have always hated taking medication, and have taken more in the last year than I’ve probably taken in my entire life combined. It’s so bad that I’m carrying around one of those plastic daily organizers that old women use. Talk about embarrassing!

As an added bonus, I found out the nurse practitioner is going into general practice in January, so I think I’ve found the regular doctor that I’ve been in dire need of. There’s always a silver lining if you look hard enough.

Author: Brian

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