So much fun


You know you’ve had a fun day when you need the entire next day to recuperate.

Honey, Liz, Shauna, and I got up early yesterday and headed for Six Flags in St. Louis. The weather forecast showed a 40% chance of rain during the day with a lot more moving in around dark, but we figured that we would be on our way home before we ran into any trouble with the wet stuff. No such luck.

About halfway there, we got caught in a downpour that made driving nearly impossible. Several drivers pulled over on the side of the highway, while the rest of us drove at a snail’s pace with our hazard lights on. We were beginning to think that we had picked the worst day possible to visit an amusement park, but after calling Dad for a check of the radar, we decided to journey on.

The day turned out to be absolutely perfect. It was hot, but there was a nice breeze and lots of beautiful sunshine in St. Louis. It was the perfect weather for enjoying water rides, and choosing a weekday meant that the park wasn’t full. The longest we had to wait for a ride was around 20 minutes, but most were much shorter.

We started with the Evel Knievel ride, a brand-new wooden coaster with lots of twists, banks, and turns. We loved it and also thoroughly enjoyed hearing Honey scream, “Oh, Lord!” the entire time. Liz said that he “prayed through” on that one.

We rode every coaster (except the kiddie coasters) and I yelled and hollered so much that I could barely talk on the way home. We enjoyed all of the rides immensely, except for The Boss, which beat us half to death.

It seems a little funny that one of the oldest rides, the Screamin’ Eagle (photo above), was our favorite. We rode it twice in a row and had the front car both times. One of the reasons that I enjoyed it so much was what happened on our second trip down the track. Shauna had gotten soaked on a previous water ride and had changed into a mini-dress that looked as if it were made out of white terry cloth. It was strapless and only fitted through the bust line, but she had a bikini on underneath. As we flew up and down the hills at over 60 mph screaming our heads off, Shauna punched me and pointed to her chest. All of the motion had bounced her rather voluptuous bosoms completely out of her dress and they were jiggling in her bikini top like two enormous bowls of jello. I laughed until I cried.

We tried to get by as cheaply as possible while in the park, so we grabbed a bite to eat just before we arrived and didn’t eat anything except for a turkey leg that we all shared (yum). We were ravenous by the time we left the park around 8 o’clock, so we found our way to a Pizza Hut where we scarfed down some of the best-tasting food I’ve had in a while. I know it was only because I was so hungry, but it was a nice way to end an absolutely fabulous day.

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5 thoughts on “So much fun”

  1. That is AWESOME! nothing like a day at an amusement park to cure a little stress. My favorite ride is the Batman ride…LOVE it.

    Makes me want to go to the 6 Flags near us..

  2. I love the Batman ride, too!

    Metal coasters are much smoother than wooden ones, but I get a bigger adrenaline rush from the wooden ones. I think it’s because I’m expecting them to derail at any minute!

  3. I love the Batman coaster too! I remember once when you and I went we rode it several times in a row.

    I’m so glad you had a great time! We had a wonderful time at Holiday World this weekend too!

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