Still less expensive than kids


Our youngest cat, Macy Gray, has been getting her vaccinations, which means that we have to drive her forty miles round-trip every couple of weeks, where we then shell out somewhere around $40. She was due for her last three injections today.

Our oldest cat, Blu, recently started throwing her food all around the food bowl while chewing, so I decided to check her teeth and gums yesterday and discovered that they looked red and irritated. Honey says I’m constantly looking for trouble, but I say better safe than sorry.

So, today, we packed both cats into the single pet carrier that we own and headed for the veterinarian’s office. They were stuffed in there like a couple of sardines, but we felt that it was necessary to avoid another trip later in the week. Turns out we have to drive back down on Friday anyway.

Blu’s teeth have to be cleaned, which means that they have to put her to sleep. The estimated cost is around $100, which I expected. What I didn’t expect was the $78 bill that I got at the end of today’s exam. Blu’s exam, which lasted all of five minutes, cost $30. Macy’s identical examination and three injections cost $48.

One the way home, Honey was figuring up how much money we’ve spent on Macy over the last three months, which is several hundred dollars. After a few moments, he added, “Well, I guess they’re still cheaper than kids.”

Maybe so, but I’ll be glad when this country gets a universal healthcare plan for pets.


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10 thoughts on “Still less expensive than kids”

  1. DEFINITELY cheaper than kids! They are SUCH pretty kitties! Good that you’re getting the teeth done before it’s too late. We ended up with a suprise $800 vet bill when Cicero had his teeth cleaned. He had to have xrays and extractions, poor baby. The world’s most expensive stray cat, that’s for sure. And we just dropped $150 on the dog to check out the diarrhea, too. Oh well. As I was telling Josh this afternoon, kids are self-reinforcing for me. Every time I hear them open their mouths, I am reminded how much I don’t want to have one. And then there’s my friend who just had a baby…after 40 hours of labor!! OMG. I respect those who wish to have them, and I thank my own parents for putting up with me, but parenthood is definitely not something I plan on. It’s dogs and expensive cats for me!

  2. Caroline,

    The vet seems to think we’ve caught this early enough to avoid any major dental work, but she does have some gingivitis and we have to treat that with antibiotics after the cleaning.

    Ouch! @ 40 hours of labor!

    And, yes, gray cats are wonderful… but I can’t play favorites. :P

  3. Your cats are really beautiful, and photogenic!
    I had to re-read your vet costs to make sure I was seeing it correctly. If it makes you feel any better, it’s ungodly cheap compared to vet costs in Massachusetts. To just walk through the door it’s $80 before they even do anything. And that’s typical, because I’ve shopped around. But we usually got a deal on stuff with our dogs because we had so many of them, and it helped that our vet was one of Buck’s oldest and dearest friends since college days. But you feel weird doing that, like you’re taking advantage. Do you have that pet medical insurance I’ve seen advertised? I’ve always wondered about that and whether it’s worth it.

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