Stormy Friday

We have had a rather strange day around here. There was a huge electrical storm early this morning that left the place I work in the dark. Everyone showed up and basically sat around doing nothing while maintenance tried to fix the problem.

With no real progress by lunchtime, I went to eat and spent the rest of the afternoon at home in bed. After waking up, we realized that a tornadic storm was heading for our area, so we went to the local hospital to see our neighbor and ride out the weather in what we consider to be a safer building than our house.

The hospital made everyone get in the bathrooms until the storm passed, and our neighbor was very frightened. She said she was very glad that we were there, so it was one of those rare moments when you know you’re in the right place at the right time.

It’s almost 10 o’clock, and there is another line of storms heading for us. I’m trying not to get too nervous, but it’s difficult. I’ve never liked storms, and they seem to be getting more severe all the time. Perhaps related to global warming, perhaps not, but unusual for the first day of fall.

Author: Brian

Blogger. Bookworm. Michael Jackson fanatic. Lives in Kentucky with partner of 12 years and three fabulous felines.

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