Subdivisions suck

Reason #1,648 why having close neighbors is a bad idea: the old lady that lives next door deciding to cut down the beautiful, well-shaped maple tree that borders your property and is the only source of shade for your backyard patio.

Granted, it could stand a trim to get rid of some of the broken branches that occured during the ice storm in January, but she had decided that it, like all the previous trees in her yard, is sending a squadron of roots to attack her foundation. This has been one of her “things” ever since I moved here ten years ago, and when she was in better physical condition, it wasn’t uncommon to find her chopping in the flower beds that surround her house while complaining about imaginary tree roots.

We have tried our best to convince her that this tree is healthy and unlikely to cause any damage to her home, especially given that it has survived a hurricane and an ice storm, but she is relentless. The tree comes down tomorrow.

I sometimes wonder if we’re wasting our time doing any home improvement to this house, due to the fact that neither of us are very happy with the neighborhood or the close proximity of the neighbors. I worry whether the alterations that we have made will result in any benefit when we do decide to sell, since it seems like most of the other houses in the subdivision have went downhill over the last few years. I look forward to the day when we can buy or build a home in a more rural setting, where we can have a little more privacy and aren’t so affected by those who live on either side of us.

Author: Brian

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  1. @ Liz: It’s still there as of this morning. Guess the wind prevented it from being cut down yesterday. I took a picture of it when I got up for work yesterday, thinking it would be my last chance.

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