This is a pair of baby hummingbirds that I photographed a few years ago while they were still in the nest. They were just beginning to get their feathers and were gone a few days later.

I noticed a female hummingbird would always fly to a specific tree after visiting the feeder and wondered if she might be nesting there. After a quick check, I spotted the tiny nest in a branch that was probably 10 feet off the ground. It was situated perfectly so that I could lean my ladder against a nearby garage and take photos without disturbing them.

This is one of the favorite photos that I’ve ever taken. I love the way that the picture is focused on the birds while the surrounding foliage is blurred. I have also included an image of the nest and eggs before they hatched. Yes, that’s a toothpick for size comparison.

Camera: Sony Cyber-shot 5.1-Megapixel 3x Optical/2x Digital Zoom Digital Camera (DSC-W1)