Burj Khalifa Dubai skyscraper officially opens today

Although construction still continues on interior floors, the Burj skyscraper in Dubai officially opens it doors to the public today. The event will be marked by a dazzling fireworks and laser display after dark.

At 168 stories, it is the world’s tallest building and has broken countless records since construction began in late 2004, becoming the world’s tallest freestanding structure with the highest occupied floor, highest outdoor observation deck, and longest-traveling elevator.

UPDATE: Apparently this tower has just been renamed “Burj Khalifa” by the ruler of Dubai. Strange. The official height was announced as 828 meters.

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Burj Khalifa Dubai skyscraper cladding now complete


Workers just finished installation of over 24,000 pieces of glass and aluminum panels on the exterior of the Burj Dubai, setting another record on a tower that has already shattered several other construction-related records. The cladding required 14 tons of nuts and bolts, and over 48,000 gallons of silicone.