Debt – As of yesterday, I am officially free of credit card debt! I had over $6000 of charges racked up this time last year, so the relief I feel is exquisite.

Cats – I cannot stand having pets in the house. Don’t get me wrong… I love my cats, but life has become a constant cycle of lint rollers, cleaning up cat vomit, and scooping litter boxes. I’m beginning to think that it’s really not worth all the effort.

The Strangers – This was one of the most suspenseful, terrifying movies that I’ve ever seen. I screamed so loud that we were afraid the neighbors might call the police.

Neighbor – Our 90-year-old neighbor took an ambulance ride to the emergency room last night because she was feeling really bad. Turns out the bottom number of her blood pressure was only eighteen! This resulted in her temporarily losing her vision, but after a full checkup and some fluids, she was able to return home around 1 o’clock this morning.

Wal-Mart Sucks – I know I shop at WM way too much, but what other alternatives do I have in this pathetic town? Anystore, I found a bed-in-a-bag set that I really liked and bought it last night. Today, after washing the sheets twice with fabric softener to get them nice and comfy, I discovered that a Wal-Mart “queen” must be a completely different size than anywhere else. The sheets wouldn’t even begin to fit on our bed.


I just received a call from Chase, who informed me that some unusual activity had occurred on my card. Turns out someone charged over $1500.00 using my account at three locations in Georgia.

I was connected to the fraud department, who verified that I did not make the charges, closed my account, and answered my tsunami of questions. They are launching an investigation, which will include trying to get security camera images of the person/persons responsible. I won’t know anything for 10-15 days.

I am completely distraught. I have no idea what to do. This is the only credit card account that I have, but I’m worried about the money in my checking account. I’m worried sick about identity theft, but know it’s too early to check my credit report. I feel a strong desire to go through and change all of my online passwords, even though I know that’s probably a silly idea. The thought of ever using a credit or debit card again terrifies me.

I feel incredible anger at the assholes who did this. I can imagine them gathering up clothing and other merchandise, then grinning like Cheshire cats while sliding my card through the reader. I want them to pay in ways that don’t involve money.

Anyone have any experience with this type of thing? I’d appreciate your words of wisdom.

Credit card companies are evil

I’ve been working to eliminate my credit card debt for a while, and it’s just now getting to the point that I have a little breathing room. I find it rather annoying (and slightly creepy) that the lower my debt gets, the more blank checks the credit card companies enclose with the bills. Apparently they have some computer program that singles me out as a prime target based on my history with credit. I guess they think I’m going to stick the checks back and use them for impulse purchases or to get myself out of a bind. I’m not falling for that trick.

I’m determined to get out of credit card debt and stay out. That’s why it feels so good to rip up those checks and throw them in the bin every month.

When it rains…

Ever notice how everything seems to go wrong at once?

I have been having a lot of problems with my telephone service (static, no dial tone, etc) and have had the repairman out to the house twice in the last month. Yesterday, he informed me that the problem was in the lines inside my house and that to fix it would cost me around 100.00. I decided, in the interest of saving a little money, to tackle the job myself.

I spent all evening replacing jacks, checking lines, etc, and it seems to be alot better, altho not entirely clear of static. I think the main line coming in from outside may need to be replaced, but don’t really feel up to doing it right now.

Anyway, after doing all of that and getting supper cooked, my washing machine stopped working. The belt is broken, and just like the last time, the machine was full of water and had to be siphoned out.

Now, the dilemma is this… do I repair this machine or buy a new one? This one is around 20 years old, and I bought it used around 12 years ago. It’s a Whirlpool and it has definitely served its purpose.

I had pretty much decided to go ahead and get a new one, until I checked my mail at lunch and got my latest credit card bill. I went over the limit last month and now have to pay the overlimit amount, the overlimit charge, and my regular monthly interest charges. OUCH!

So… now I’m going to spend the evening thinking about how to lower my credit card debt, while I’m changing the belt on the washer.