Soap & Water – Have you ever noticed how many of your coworkers don’t wash their hands after using the restroom? It’s quite disgusting. The place where I’m employed has the sinks outside the restroom, so it’s very obvious when someone decides to skip the soap and water before returning to work. I have been very tempted to put signs up with the typical “Employees Must Wash Their Hands Before Returning To Work” line, but haven’t gotten the nerve yet. I just try to wash my hands twice as much to make up for their lack of hygiene.

Gas Prices – They just keep going up. It cost me 47.25 to fill up yesterday, and gas prices have jumped almost .10 per gallon since then. It doesn’t seem to be affecting anybody’s driving patterns so far, but there has got to be a breaking point somewhere.

Dehydration – I was listening to the John Tesh radio show this evening, and he said that the first symptom of dehydration is fatigue, so I have decided to try to drink more water. I drink sodas all the time, and I know that they aren’t good for me, but I’ve never really liked the taste (or lack thereof) of water. I can drink it ice cold, so maybe it will help me not feel so exhausted all the time.

Speaking of exhausted, I’m going to bed.

Cough, cough, hack, hack

Just got home from the doc and was diagnosed with bronchitis. The shot in the booty was lots of fun! The actual injection didn’t hurt so bad, but by the time I walked from the office to the car, one whole side of my butt was sore.

I hope the shot and the medicine helps, because I’ve already coughed so much that my whole chest is hurting.

I replaced the door cables in my dryer after I got home. I’m pretty proud of myself for all the home improvement things I have managed to accomplish this week.

Tomorrow… fireworks (unless it rains.)