Five stupid things I do

I like to move plants around. I’m talking about shrubs, not house plants. I know it’s not good for them, but I envision one growing in a different spot and just have to try it out. I’ve had pretty good luck with it so far, but my neighbors think I’m retarded.

If another driver makes me angry, I lower one hand below the dashboard and flip them off. They can’t see it, but it makes me feel better.

I sometimes pull out my eyelashes and eyebrow hair. It doesn’t hurt and actually gives me a strange sense of satisfaction, although I’m usually not too pleased when I look in the mirror afterwards. Honey says this might be the reason that I do such a crazy thing.

I will wash a load of laundry and then forget to dry it. It’s usually the next day before I discover my goof, which means that I have to rewash the clothing.

I often punch the person sitting or standing next to me when I hear something funny. I’ve had people actually complain about having to sit next to me while watching a comedy. I wonder if that type of reaction to humor is how the term “punchline” came into being?

There’s always a rainbow

Well, things are starting to look up a little bit around here!

We managed to repair the phone service ourselves, which saved alot of money. The aging phone line under the house was in bad condition and spliced several times, so we replaced it all with new line and the phone works perfectly.

We had to buy a new washing machine, as the old one had more problems than just a broken belt. I went with Whirlpool and really like it so far.

Other than that, it’s been a pretty standard weekend. Church was good and then we ate at Flamingo Row.

When it rains…

Ever notice how everything seems to go wrong at once?

I have been having a lot of problems with my telephone service (static, no dial tone, etc) and have had the repairman out to the house twice in the last month. Yesterday, he informed me that the problem was in the lines inside my house and that to fix it would cost me around 100.00. I decided, in the interest of saving a little money, to tackle the job myself.

I spent all evening replacing jacks, checking lines, etc, and it seems to be alot better, altho not entirely clear of static. I think the main line coming in from outside may need to be replaced, but don’t really feel up to doing it right now.

Anyway, after doing all of that and getting supper cooked, my washing machine stopped working. The belt is broken, and just like the last time, the machine was full of water and had to be siphoned out.

Now, the dilemma is this… do I repair this machine or buy a new one? This one is around 20 years old, and I bought it used around 12 years ago. It’s a Whirlpool and it has definitely served its purpose.

I had pretty much decided to go ahead and get a new one, until I checked my mail at lunch and got my latest credit card bill. I went over the limit last month and now have to pay the overlimit amount, the overlimit charge, and my regular monthly interest charges. OUCH!

So… now I’m going to spend the evening thinking about how to lower my credit card debt, while I’m changing the belt on the washer.