#NotAChristian: Thoughts on Kim Davis

I am consumed by the story of Kim Davis – the Kentucky clerk who recently went to jail over her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. There is so much hyperbole being thrown around by the Religious Right that one would think we were watching a Shakespearean play with a cast of village idiots and GOP presidential contenders.

How people can claim they are being discriminated against by the government on one hand while counting their tax-free tithes in the other is beyond me. Haven’t the governments of the world almost always stooped to the demands of the religious?

What I do expect is for someone to do the job they were hired to do. Kim Davis is an employee of the people of her county. They elected her and pay her wages. She knew gay marriage was a possibility when she ran (she spoke of it to a friend and said she was against it), yet she ran anyway. To claim her religious beliefs as a reason for not doing her job is insulting to the people she works for.

Regardless of the sound bytes from Mike Huckabee (sneer) and Ted Cruz (evil side-eye), this case isn’t about religious freedom at all. It is about government and the law of the land. The Supreme Court didn’t create a new law (as Huckabee states), nor did they molest the Constitution. They simply said denying same-sex couples equal rights was unconstitutional. Because it is.

The federal judge wasn’t discriminating against Christians by throwing Davis in jail for violating the law. She ignored his order, so she paid the consequences. Anyone, religious or not, would have been in that jail cell.

Yesterday’s display outside the jail was one of the most cringe-worthy moments I have ever seen on television or in real life (and I grew up in a Pentecostal church). The raised hands, the tears, the signs comparing SCOTUS to ISIS, all strangely contrasted by a rock song blaring in the background. Sickening and downright maniacal. One has to wonder if anyone truly believes this is about religious freedom, when it is so clear it is about fame and pandering to the Religious Right.

I also find it ironic that Davis is getting so much support from Christians when she is in her fourth marriage. People are more than happy to point out the few verses in the Bible that supposedly condemn homosexuality, yet they ignore the fact that Jesus spoke over and over about the sins of divorce and remarriage. It is a shame that the “Christians” we see on television during these shenanigans are always so far from being Christ-like. And I don’t mind admitting I find them downright terrifying.

At this point, I simply wish it would all blow over and go away. I hope Kim Davis returns to work and allows her deputies to continue issuing licenses or resigns from her position. What I expect to see is her continuing to defy the law and going back to jail.

Because that means the news cameras and Republican candidates will continue to hang around.

Marriage equality is law



After two decades as an openly-gay man, I am one step closer to having the same rights as everyone else in this country. It isn’t every day that we get to witness true history being made on the civil rights front, but this is definitely one of those days.

Hooray for SCOTUS and all the men and women who worked tirelessly to make this happen. I am proud to be part of a community that doesn’t sit back and settle, but fights for what it wants. Here’s hoping the world becomes a much kinder and gentler place going forward.

I will try to write more later, but I am too excited to concentrate right now. =)

One World Trade Center (1WTC) scheduled to top out tomorrow

The iconic tower in lower Manhattan is expected to reach its final height of 1,776 ft sometime tomorrow when the final section of the mast is installed. Here is a recent photo of the skyscraper and a shot looking down from the antenna.


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UPDATE: It should surprise no one that the topping out has been delayed. This building has been in an almost permanent state of delay since it began construction.

1 World Trade Center (1WTC) nears completion

new york ,april13 2013 046
Photo by jlucierphoto, Flickr

The iconic tower in lower Manhattan will reach its full height soon! From the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center:

With only one segment remaining, the spire atop 1 World Trade Center is on track for completion this month. The 408-foot-tall finial completes the tower’s full height of 1,776 feet, while work continues throughout the 1,368-foot-tall skyscraper. The Port Authority presented the latest updates to Community Board 1 on April 4th, noting that 55 percent of the building is pre-leased, and tenant floors are now being built out.

Source and more info here.

My thoughts on the Chick-Fil-A controversy

I can’t get the Chick-Fil-A thing off of my mind. I suppose it affects me more than most because of my sexuality. I actually liked their food and would often recommend it to others in my area, but I have now made up my mind that I will never EVER eat there again.

What bothers me the most is that I probably know people who went to a Chick-Fil-A yesterday. There were probably members of my family who took time out of their day just to go, just to show that they will never support marriage equality. No matter what they claim, the throngs of people who showed up at CFA restaurants yesterday weren’t there because of freedom of speech; they were there to show their disdain for the LGBT community.

What about all the gay and lesbian youth in this country who watched the news footage of hordes of anti-gay “Christians” standing in line to get a chicken sandwich? Don’t you think they are affected deeply knowing those people are their family members, friends, church members, etc? Don’t you think that will just drive them deeper into a place where they feel unloved? How many of those kids will ultimately take their lives as a result?

What about the poor employees of Chick-Fil-A, gay and straight, who had to deal with eons of comments for and against bigotry. Imagine how many of those employees are just trying to make a living. Imagine how many aren’t anti-gay, but have LGBT friends and family members they love. Imagine having to remain neutral in your interactions with people who are passive-aggressively complimenting your place of work for their homophobic business practices.

I’m still confused as to why people get so bent out of shape over marriage equality. How does allowing more people to participate in something lessen its value? No one can “weaken” or “destroy” the institution of marriage as long as there are people willing to enter into matrimony with any level of seriousness. No one can destroy a marriage except for the two people who are in it.

The same people who pretend to be so upset over “freedom of speech” are the same ones willing to spend their time and money restricting the freedoms of others.

It’s a sad, sad world.