Eye can see a difference

If the average human eye can perceive millions of colors, mine must see billions. I say this because when it comes to coordinating colors, I might be the pickiest person on the planet.

Case in point, a couple of days ago we decided to mix up the color scheme in the living room. It was time for the coral-colored throw pillows, abstract curtains, and large flamingo print to go. We found a fantastic set of lamps with crimson and gold shades and used them as our starting point.

Curtains seemed like the next logical purchase, so we picked out some panels that appeared to be a good match. Since the lamps were in the car while we were shopping for curtains, we had to rely on memory to pick just the right color. They looked pretty close at first, but started looking a little orange to me over the next couple of days.

“They’re too rusty,” I kept telling Honey. He argued until he realized it was useless and gave up.

So, I took them down and returned them for something more safe… and neutral. Unfortunately, as soon as I got home with the replacements, I decided that safe and neutral really isn’t visually appealing. These are going back tomorrow and I’m going to take one of the lamp shades with me as I continue my search for the perfect set of drapes.

Honey is used to me being this obsessive about color, but he still gets a little miffed at times – especially when we paint. He’d better brace himself, because the living room is getting a couple of coats really soon.


DSL – I downgraded my internet connection speed from 1.5mbps to 768kbps, which knocked more than $10/month off my bill. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that it hasn’t really affected my internet surfing in the least.

Paint/Wallpaper – I despise wallpaper and only think it’s necessary when covering problem walls. I’ve had intentions of ripping down the black and white striped paper in my kitchen for several years, but never actually had the motivation to do it until last Thursday. Now my kitchen walls are a nice, warm beige color that reminds me of the chocolate Frosty at Wendy’s.

Nightmare – I had one of the scariest dreams that I’ve ever had last night. I jolted awake around 2:30am and couldn’t go back to sleep for some time. The dream was so real and so disturbing that it has stuck with me all day.

Liz – I was very happy to have our friend tag along with us to church yesterday morning. We even stayed after the service to watch a wonderful documentary (more on that later).