125+ Rare and beautiful photos of Michael Jackson

I have amassed thousands of photos of the King of Pop over the years. Here are a few of my favorites. Some of them literally take my breath away. While you might have seen some of these before, several are incredibly rare, and all are beautiful.

Fall photo series

I always enjoy the cooler temperatures and brilliant colors of autumn, but even more so this year from a new location. The woods and pond behind our new home provide countless opportunities to revel in the beauty of earth, and it is much easier to feel close to God in these surroundings than sitting in a church sanctuary.


Honey has a head full of thick, luxurious hair which he likes to keep cut very short. I often tease him about being a Chia Pet because his hair seems to grow straight out from his head, resulting in some type of white man’s afro in the span of 3-4 weeks.

Karen was surprised the other day when I mentioned that he used to have long hair when he was a child. I know this because of the plethora of pictures that he has produced during our time together. I promised to post a photo for her, so without further ado, here’s the little fellow who grew up to become my valentine: